Monday, January 18, 2010


Elana is coming along! She is my first Goddess, and should be completed this week. It was amazing to me who she "came to life" once I began to add color and texture. I'm truly enjoying the process of my current class with Suzi Blu, learning much, and meeting some really nice artists, too. What did we do before the internet???

As for life, in general, my heart is a bit heavy because we rescued a 2-yr old yellow lab, whom we named Gracie, 5 weeks ago today. She is as sweet as can be ~~ very affectionate, and loves attention ~~ however, she has separation anxiety when we leave her, and has begun destroying things daily. She did really well for the first 3 weeks, but I suppose her true colors are coming out now. Last week, we began to keep her outside when we are gone, and she has ripped nice new holes into the lattice under our deck, destroyed several pots, and who knows what she will destroy today. Thankfully, so far, she hasn't destroyed anything that can't be repaired or replaced, but Mike and I are coming to the conclusion that this "adoption" isn't working, :(. So I emailed the NC Lab Rescue with pics and all her information yesterday, in hopes that we can find her a home where people are always home, or where someone has more knowledge about dealing with separation anxiety in puppies. I just hate that we've taken her in, and now she will be moving on to another home, once again, :(.


  1. There is a lot of beauty in this blog apart you Jeanne and your lovely creations. Glad I found it by chance. If you like traveling perhaps we can keep in touch. Kind regards. Travelling

  2. Girl, I didn't even know you had a blog! Glad I know now! Thank you for the sweet comment you left for me...I am so thankful our paths crossed!