Monday, September 28, 2009

Pay It Forward!

Saw this on another blog, and love it!

So here's how it works: the first three people to leave a comment on this post will receive, at some point during the year, a handmade gift from me. What it will be, and when it will arrive will be totally a surprise! The catch is that you must participate as well. Before you leave your comment, write up a Pay It Forward post on your own blog, or in an email to friends, to keep the fun going (or copy and paste like I did). Then come back, post a comment here and let me know you're going to play, and sit back and await the arrival of your gift!

Just the thought of something arriving in the mail that isn't a bill is delightful! Come and play!

Now remember, "ya get what ya get, and don't throw a fit!" Let's make this fun!

Fall Is Here!

Ahhh, fall began last week, and it's feeling very "fall-ish" this morning, with a crispness in the air and leaves beginning to fall (before they reach their peak of color, unfortunately). It's a beautiful time of year, and reminds me of Mom; sitting on the front porch of her log cabin in the mountains, with a hot cup of coffee, admiring the beauty of the rolling colorful fall hills while we chat and laugh of our past times together. What great memories. Oh, to go back and do a bit of it over again would be awesome. But instead, I'm moving forward daily, and enjoying life and all that it offers today.

I completed the "commissioned" Parisian wallhanging last week, and had a great time working on it. I hope the "commissioner" will be happy with it also!

I've been checking out "mixed media" online classes, and am passionately inspired to try some new ideas...and classes. But, first, I've determined that I need to fill some of my "completed" books and pieces with pictures, quotes, and memorabila, argh! If only this part could miraculously complete itself, lol! The process of choosing photos, etc. is a daunting thought, but I'm sure I will have fun with it...once I begin the process...AND I will have truly "completed" pieces when I have finished with the process! Note to self: change is good; I do not have to be the "Queen of Un-Finished Objects"/UFOs any longer!
As we approach the month of October, I am reminded that we need to "wear our pink" and support Breast Cancer Research. May we, as a world, support this and other tremendous needs, and do our part to support finding cures to stamp out these diseases that cause so much pain, heartache and life changing events for so many families. There are so many needs; we cannot support each need fully, but we can choose one or a few, and dedicate our time and resources to doing our part. Fall is a time to "turn over new leaves" and refresh our goals and missions. May we all succeed at whatever our goals and missions may be!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


This has been a peaceful week. The Sid event went well at work last week, and now we're ready for the wedding at work this Saturday; it will be a nice occasion.

Mike is back on his kick that Boomer has to lose 8 lbs., poor fella. So he's contacted the Vet, whom returned his call last nite only to say that Boom should be limited to 3 cups of food daily and NO TREATS ~~ at all. How is that going to be possible, I ask??? His life is all about treats, lol. So, we'll see how it goes. I got him a reprieve of a few weeks, when the Vet agreed that we should bring Boom in to get an up-to-date weight before beginning such a stringent diet. We'll see how this goes!

Yesterday, on my day off from work, I completed my Twilight Project. Admittedly, I had been disappointed in the kit, as I had hoped it would include some full sheets of the gorgeous papers used; however, Marah had meticulously die cut all pieces for the project, so there was no "scraps." Upon completing the base project yesterday, I am in love with it! Now I am excited about filling it with sweet things so I can give it to Mike . . . for Christmas, if I can wait that long!

Admittedly, I haven't figured out the process of insertion of pics here, in the place where I want them ~~ sorry! With time, I'll get it.
Today, after completing a bit of dreaded house cleaning, I hope to work on a project requested by a coworker ~~ a Parisian wallhanging. I will base it on the project learned within Debbie Crouse and Paula Cheney's class taken at Creative Escape, I believe. We'll see how it turns out!
Today, I am very thankful for the love and support of my dear hubby, my few friends, and my sweet doggy. Life is good, and I thank God for this fact. Wishing everyone a great day, filled with beauty, peace and blessings.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Latest Creations!

Okay, I'll try this again, as this post disappeared the first time, argh!

It's been a busy 2 weeks, with lots going on at work, in preparation for tomorrow's Sid Dickens Collectors Reunion, and a wedding next week. I'm excited about the Sid event, as I always enjoy our special events at work.

In my "spare time," I've been busy creating fun, new "art!" Let me see if I can post pics of some of my recent pieces.
First, I've soldered for the first time ~~ woo hoo ~~ and made charms for the necklace (below) and bracelet seen here!

Also, below, are two 8x8 artist's canves that I created using found and made objects!
To the left here is a Halloween candy box I created from paper, using a the instructions I picked up at the Creative Escape onsite store.
Okay, this blog has taken FOREVER to put together, and I've got to get ready for work. More late. Happy Day to everyone!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where to Begin...

Where To Begin!
Wow, I'm blogging. . .for the first time! This is too cool, and I pray I can keep it up. I just returned from Creative Escape in Arizona and am SOOOOO inspired to make the rest of my "unwritten" journey the best it can possibly be. (i.e., Natasha Beddingfield, theme song) I had to purchase Natasha's "Unwritten" CD today, just to keep me reminded of this goal.

I had SOOOOO much fun at CE; it truly was the BEST experience of my life, to date. However, I pray I can attend again next year ~~ God forbid my name isn't drawn in the lottery; I'll absolutely DIE. I should have prepaid for next year, at this year's event, but my DH was already going to have heart failure after seeing how much I spent at this year's CE (the bills have yet to arrive, and I'm not telling!) . . . so I was trying to save him some undue stress, and hope our "stimulus check" (yeah, right!) from Obama arrives before my 2010 lottery ticket! (lol)

K, Boomer, our 98 lb. lab is crying for my attention, so this is it for now. Will try to post pics and more later! Until then, God Speed! ~~ Jeanne