Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Is Here!

Ahhh, fall began last week, and it's feeling very "fall-ish" this morning, with a crispness in the air and leaves beginning to fall (before they reach their peak of color, unfortunately). It's a beautiful time of year, and reminds me of Mom; sitting on the front porch of her log cabin in the mountains, with a hot cup of coffee, admiring the beauty of the rolling colorful fall hills while we chat and laugh of our past times together. What great memories. Oh, to go back and do a bit of it over again would be awesome. But instead, I'm moving forward daily, and enjoying life and all that it offers today.

I completed the "commissioned" Parisian wallhanging last week, and had a great time working on it. I hope the "commissioner" will be happy with it also!

I've been checking out "mixed media" online classes, and am passionately inspired to try some new ideas...and classes. But, first, I've determined that I need to fill some of my "completed" books and pieces with pictures, quotes, and memorabila, argh! If only this part could miraculously complete itself, lol! The process of choosing photos, etc. is a daunting thought, but I'm sure I will have fun with it...once I begin the process...AND I will have truly "completed" pieces when I have finished with the process! Note to self: change is good; I do not have to be the "Queen of Un-Finished Objects"/UFOs any longer!
As we approach the month of October, I am reminded that we need to "wear our pink" and support Breast Cancer Research. May we, as a world, support this and other tremendous needs, and do our part to support finding cures to stamp out these diseases that cause so much pain, heartache and life changing events for so many families. There are so many needs; we cannot support each need fully, but we can choose one or a few, and dedicate our time and resources to doing our part. Fall is a time to "turn over new leaves" and refresh our goals and missions. May we all succeed at whatever our goals and missions may be!

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