Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where to Begin...

Where To Begin!
Wow, I'm blogging. . .for the first time! This is too cool, and I pray I can keep it up. I just returned from Creative Escape in Arizona and am SOOOOO inspired to make the rest of my "unwritten" journey the best it can possibly be. (i.e., Natasha Beddingfield, theme song) I had to purchase Natasha's "Unwritten" CD today, just to keep me reminded of this goal.

I had SOOOOO much fun at CE; it truly was the BEST experience of my life, to date. However, I pray I can attend again next year ~~ God forbid my name isn't drawn in the lottery; I'll absolutely DIE. I should have prepaid for next year, at this year's event, but my DH was already going to have heart failure after seeing how much I spent at this year's CE (the bills have yet to arrive, and I'm not telling!) . . . so I was trying to save him some undue stress, and hope our "stimulus check" (yeah, right!) from Obama arrives before my 2010 lottery ticket! (lol)

K, Boomer, our 98 lb. lab is crying for my attention, so this is it for now. Will try to post pics and more later! Until then, God Speed! ~~ Jeanne

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