Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where Did January Go???

My, how time flies! So much happening, and so little time. Thus, I've neglected my blog, :(. So here's my attempt at catching things up.

First, I want to include a note about Gracie, the yellow lab we rescued in December. In my last post, she was becoming destructive and experiencing seperation anxiety when we were away from home. I'm happy to report that (gosh, do I say this and risk jinxing it???) she's doing very well ... currently! She's been back in the house for a week, and hasn't destroyed anything! Boomer continues to "tolerate" her, and she continues to demand the most attention. Let's hope this positiveness continues!

As for my art, hmmm, I've completed the basework of "Esha, Goddess of Dreams" in Suzi Blu's Goddess & Poet class . . . or, at least I think I have. I say that because Suzi suggested I bring her hair forward a bit ~~ but I don't want to, lol. Imagine ~~ a stubborn artist! So I haven't sealed her yet, however I believe she's ready!

My very first Goddess, "Elana," is still a Work In Progress (WIP). I'm not happy with her, and I've not worked with her in awhile. Here she is, to date:

I also made another Valentine's Day piece.

Then, using a Stampington stamp as my inspiration, I drew and painted "Butterfly Beauty" on a board that I prepared with modeling paste, stamped into the paste, and then used Glimmer Mist to add color to the base. (I'm LOVING me some Glimmer Mist these days!)

Also using modeling paste on wood, and stamping into the paste, then Glimmer Misting the background, and adding a doily, . . . I'm in the midst of another piece that is a WIP. We will see if it comes to fruition in the days ahead!

I've been inspired to try using vintage photos in a piece, so I played with one of Mom's baby pics, and came up with this piece. I now wish I had used a larger photo and frame for the centerpiece, and will do so with any future versions of this piece.

Yesterday, I worked on two cigar boxes ~~ one for the dear soul whom gave me the boxes They were alot of fun to create, but are still in the WIP stage, so pics will follow.
Today, I need to work on a soldered charm for a friend whom has been begging me for one. It's been months since I worked with soldering, and I'm not sure that I have any suitable glass to work with, so we'll how this goes!
Happy creating to everyone! What would life be without art? Hmm, I don't want to know!

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