Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Spirit

Admittedly, I don't decorate for Christmas at home (shame on me, I know!) considering I don't have children, very few guests ... and two doggies with big tails that prove to be "weapons of mass destruction."  However, both of the shops where I work are fully decked out, very festive, and thus I enjoy their decorations and still feel like "I have decorated" nonetheless!  Above is an old rusty iron urn filled with fresh cut holly that resides outside of Beverly's Down The Hill, although the urn and iron base are from http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Jamestown-NC/River-Twist/70403216527 ~~ much prettier in person, I must say.  (And YES that's a vintage shutter with a moon and diamond cut out behind the urn ... just waiting for a creative soul to add it to their treasures!)

When I walk in Beverly's front door, to the left of the entry, I see this beautiful holiday display.
This Christmas Tree is decorated with vintage ornaments that bring back memories of trees we had at home during my childhood.  The white piece of furniture is a BEAUTIFUL "secretary" with stained glass and wood panel insets; I love this piece.

Below is another view of the entryway.
I apologize for the lack of photographic "abilities" in this lighting, but I just couldn't resist sharing this photo as it shows a glimpse of a beautiful mantel that my "big sister"/coworker recently painted that is stunning IRL, and mimics an earlier piece she did shown below, in better lighting:
This was a kitchen cabinet out of an old castle from a local country club ... that looked NOTHING like this before Marcia painted it, and it is the talk of the shop currently ... and looks much better in person.  (Gosh, I need some photography lessons!)

Following, are the Christmas decorations Marcia put together for the dining room table.
The palm trees that we decorated with lights and white poinsettias can be seen the the left foreground.  What fun!

And, now to take you back in time a bit further, the following is a photo of a "retro"  Christmas Tree:
Remember these white trees ... with the spinning color wheel underneath it???  And what about that television, lol?  This definitely takes me back to my childhood, in a good way.

Lastly, I FINALLY began my Christmas shopping with more purchases from Tasteful Designs!

Vintage flatware upfitted into letter openers and key chains ... along with a wrapped Baby Spoon Ring (for me, ;-)!  I'm hoping this artisan will return to the shop this week, so I can purchase some more gifts from him ... now that I've actually created a shopping list and know what I need.

So today, I'm off to embarrassingly shop the "Big Box" shops, as my nine-year-old great-niece wants another Moleskine art journal and journaling supplies, and I've GOT to hit that Department Store for some Lancome facial cleanser ~~ gosh I hate shopping the big stores.  But sometimes it's necessary, I suppose.

Afterwards, I will work on addressing my handmade Christmas cards, and HOPE to draw enough inspiration to attempt to gesso the face of my current girl on canvas that currently has the Big Googly Eyes, ;)

Wishing each of you Happy Holiday Season (I suppose it's too soon to say "Merry Christmas") and much creativity with all of your endeavors!  Happy Holiday Hugs to each of you!


  1. Jeanne;
    Wishing you a wonderful Holiday time. I know what you mean about having big dogs with tails of mass destruction... I remember my sisters dog almost knocking me over - lol.
    The store decor looks beautiful.
    I really love those baby spoon rings and such! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What wonderful reminders of this time of year.....Gorgeous displays...
    I pray that you will have a wonderful and blessed Holiday season.

  3. These vintage Christmas decors are the BEST, and that white tree--my grandparents had a silver one and I swear it's the only one they had the whole time that I was growing up--It's a very special memory for me. I'd love to come and browse your shop--you and your co-workers have done such an excellent job! And Happy Holidays to you too!!!

  4. Well just whqt I needed, Christmas with all the beauty of the things that touch me decoorative spirit. Your photos did it for me so they have to be pretty good, I felt the inspiration.

    Aren't those flatware items pretty? My husband did some crochet hooks for me using knife handles from my mother's flatware. I love them and have them with vintage napkins and a silver napkin holder, I also have some tiny quilts in that bowl of things. I mean really tiny quilts. Maybve one calls a tiny quilt a potholder. HMMM

    Thank you for your well wishes, they mean so much and keeps the spirt of wellness moving through my broken leg. It realy has improved a lot already, I don't expect it to go fast just some progress. That means doing the assigned exercise faithfully.

  5. So festive and gorgeous J! These look like postcards!