Monday, November 29, 2010

Gifts and Such

Oh, it's the season of giving!  Unfortunately, and admittedly, I find that I discover more items for myself ... than others ... during this shopping season.  That proved to be true on Small Business Saturday at the shop ... when a local artisan came in to solicit our owner to carry their unique, handcrafted fork and spoon jewelry items.  The shop's owner was on vacation in Aruba, and thus not available, and the owner is our sole purchaser.  Admittedly, I ignored them at first, KNOWING that I would want at least one of their pieces for MYSELF.  But, after several minutes of constraint, I just couldn't help but admire the pieces of jewelry that the father, mother, and daughter were wearing!  The father makes all of the pieces himself, being inspired by his daughter whom encouraged him to make her a spoon ring a couple of years ago, and as they say, the rest is history!  I LOVED his work, and just couldn't let them get away without purchasing a piece.  I convinced myself that I "had" to have a piece, not only to enjoy personally, but ALSO to show our shop's owner what unique pieces they have to offer in our shop, ;)!  I loved that he was including vintage keys into many of his pieces, and thus those pieces are what caught my eye and held my attention.  Although the fully-wrapped rings he had made from baby spoons (even your OWN baby spoon, if you still have it around for him to use for you!), were another attention grapper for me, as were several other pieces, but I had to remain focused, as I didn't have much to spend ... on myself.  So I selected the above pictured bracelet as my purchase piece for myself, ;) ... but my coworker did his best to convince me that I needed the matching pendant to go with it.  While I would have DIED to have both, I stated that I just couldn't justify buying TWO pieces for myself (remembering that I was SUPPOSED to be buying for others during this season).  As I rustled to get the correct change to pay the artisan, my coworker whipped out his wallet, and said, "I owe you a birthday gift anyway," and preceded to pay for BOTH pieces!!!  I was SO grateful ~~ what AWESOME pressies, right?  I want to wear them daily!  Here's another shot of them, showing a slightly different view.
They are such unique and beautiful pieces, that totally fit with my newest obsession for vintage silver "serving pieces" ;).  And ... I HOPE to obtain a gift from this artisan ... for someone on my gift list whom LOVED them also, ;)!  Although the piece in mind was a one-of-a-kind piece that the artisan wasn't ready to sell, ...but I hope he will change his mind!  It was a GORGEOUS bracelet, made from 4 forks (if my recollection is correct) interlocked with a vintage key ~~ so stunning!  If you would like to see more of this artisan's work, he has a Facebook page that can be found under Tasteful Designs Jewelry or (if this link doesn't work for you) search for "Tasteful Designs Jewelry" on Facebook!  His page is new, and he doesn't have pics of his pieces wrapped with vintage keys, but hopefully he will soon.

So, reverting back to Small Business Saturday, I HAVE to tell you about it ... if you haven't already heard so. American Express sponsored this past Saturday as a day devoted to Small Businesses, in which AMEX would credit their cardholders $25 on their statements if $25+ was purchased using their AMEX card on this past Saturday at a Small Business ... HOWEVER, they have now EXTENDED the deadline for purchasing through DECEMBER 31, 2010!!!  What an AWESOME thing!!!  For artisans whom accept AMEX, this applies to YOU also, so get the word out!!!  This is a great way for folks to obtain a "free" gift for someone on their list, ... or for themselves.  Go, AMEX!  Small Businesses are what support our local economies!

Also, on Black Friday, our local television news channel showed up at our shop twice, doing a story on "Big Box versus Small Shops!"  I was working the shop alone, as it's typically not a busy day for small businesses, and I thought I could handle it alone, ;), having the past seven years to go by for experience of what to expect.  I was PLEASANTLY surprised to see that it was a great day of shopping for us, and even more so surprised when  FOX 8 Local News showed up TWICE during the day to film a story about small businesses on Black Friday.  I am thrilled to see the locals supporting their small, locally owned shops, that keeps their money in our local economy versus sending it overseas, ;).

I cannot close without sending a warm, heartfelt "get well soon" to my dear blogging friend Emelie, whom fell and broke her leg in the days preceding Thanksgiving.  I miss you terribly, Emelie, and hope you are healing nicely, and on a quick road to recovery!  Sending you blessing for healing and peace, and I truly can't wait for your return to home and "blogland!"

Now, wishing each of you a happy holiday season filled with much peace, joy, and all the things you enjoy most!  May we all find a special gift for others ... as well as ourselves!


  1. Jeanne;
    Well as usual you have many great things to tell us here in blogland! I LOVE those pieces you were 'gifted'. I am going to have to check out this fellow's facebook site for sure! What uniquely beautiful pieces of art they are! Thanks for sharing with us.
    I hope your Thanksgiving was awesome.
    Hugs and many blessings to you.

  2. Those are REALLY COOL!! You sound like me when you go Christmas shopping!! It's so hard not to just pick up a thing here or there!!

  3. I love reading your newsy the jewelry; I am definitely going to get in touch with that guy.....I love the pieces you chose.....
    They are so different and unique.....Yes, I know what you mean about finding all those things I would like myself while shopping for others....I really have to exercise self control.......

  4. Wonderful jewelry Jeanne! This type of jewelry (handcrafted) is hands down, my favorite to wear. It's what I'm always looking for when I'm at a show.
    My son's friend works for AMEX and he was telling me about this. AMEX also wanted Visa and Mastercard to do this, but I guess they said no? I think this is an excellent idea for creating business the small businesses.