Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Christmas Card?

Not much time for creativity in the last week, but today I had a "free day" to create.  Well, pretty much, ... after repairing TWO flat tires on my day off, lol.

As we are preparing for Christmas Open House at work this week, and thus realizing that Christmas is approaching quickly, I decided to work on a potential piece to use as my Christmas card this year.  Last year, I waited til the last minute, and ended up using art for my Christmas card that I'm ashamed to have used today.  So, perhaps this will be this year's card, and ... perhaps not.  Today I am thinking of how we will ever obtain World Peace again, and thus the subject matter for this potential holiday card.

My DH has had my camera, on a fishing trip, this week, so I'm short of pics to share.  However, I have an AWESOME piece of furniture to paint, that I hope to share with you later this week.  My boss had some old bi-fold shutters laying around, and I asked her dad to make a cabinet, using the shutters as the doors for the cabinet ... it turned out AWESOME, in my humble opinion.  Now I just have to decide on colors to paint it.  Thinking of a brown-ish undercoat, with a creamy color top coat, but whom knows what will be the end result!  After searching endlessly for online inspiration, I'm all confused on color choices, ;).  Oh the happiness that can be found with online inspiration!

Wishing each of you worldly peace, and much inspiration, today and always ~~ Jeanne


  1. So beautiful.....what a great Christmas card this will make and wow the 2nd of November...you are on a roll......

    You have been a busy gal....first I know what you mean about clocks....I have a coo coo clock in the mountains and I have really gotten attached to it...There's something very soothing about them....I hope you find out how to make yours work...and your story about being in the car was so funny.....your Mom was surely right there with you.....

    I won't go on and on but I do love your chair you painted with the bird houses...so clever....

    You sure can turn out some work girlfriend.....
    Thanks for your visit; I have missed you.....

  2. A great and beautiful card, and my mind was making the same turns today about getting a card ready, I start after Thanksgiving so I can wrtie some letters. Personal handmade cards are the best even prints of the handmade card are great. At a garage sale I bought little bags of tags made from very old cards and they are so nice, can you imagine all the cutting then wanting 25cents a bag for 25 nice little tags. I don't even know what I will do with them, probably ot use them for tags.

  3. That will make a lovely Christmas card! The message is so appropriate for the season. Also, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :-)
    Blessing to you also...

  4. Hey Jeanne! Love, love your card and the message! Looking forward to the furniture painting too:)

  5. This will make a perfect Christmas card!! And I can't wait to see that furniture!!

  6. What a great Christmas card! So many beautiful colors! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by my blog! :)