Sunday, October 24, 2010

Latest Find

Having some of these beauties around me in one of the shops I'm working for today, I've been reminded of my love and appreciation for mantle clocks.  The image of one, itself, to me is beautiful, but they also bring memories of a clock my mother had in her home.  When she acquired it originally, it drove me nuts with its half-hourly strikes of noise, especially at night, but thereafter I began to appreciate the sound, and now associated it with memories of times gone by with Mom.  So...I wanted one, to remind me of those times, and Mom, :)

(A side note that I must add here, for my own amusement, to reflect on in years to come.  When my Mom past, my niece inherited Mom's clock.  I assisted in hauling my nieces inheritances home [a two-hour trip], Mom's clock being one of the pieces that went into my car for the travel.  On our way home, the clock sounded its half-hourly "ding, ding, ding" in my car, and it startled me with such amusement, as I forgotten I had the clock in my car, and thought Mom was "showing herself to my presence" lol!  Quickly, I realized I had her clock within the load of stuff in my car, but for a split second, I thought, "OMGoodness, Mom is HERE!"  What a fun, happy memory for me!)

So, this clock, and the ones in the shop where I'm working a few hours/week today, are much more elaborate than the one Mom had, but I LOVE them ... and want to hear their striking noise.  I couldn't afford the ones in the shop, but I found this one on ebay "that works, but is in need of minor coil adjustments," so here it is!  I'm LOVING its beauty .... however, I've yet to determine how to make it "tick!"  So it is currently doing nothing more than driving me NUTS, lol!  I can't get the key to do anything more than fit into the holes, and I'm online researching for how to "make it work," while emailing the seller to inquire about the same.  I know it needs some "minor coil adjustments," but heck I'm so disappointed that I can't even get it to tick!

However, even if I never get it "tick," it was worth the purchase because, not only does it bring back great memories, but it also can be disassembled and become some awesome accessories to other pieces!

But, if you know anything about these old mantle clocks, how the keys work, and how to make them tick, PLEASE respond with any info you can provide me!  Mom's didn't have a "key," so I'm clueless as to which prong to place the key onto, and how hard to turn it, but I surely want to hear it ticking ... if not clanging its beautiful noise!


  1. Jeanne,
    Yes, I understand what you are saying aboutthe memories flowing back at you. Looks like we both have clocks on our minds this week! lol
    I also love old clocks.. nothing like the sound of them..
    Hugs, darlene

  2. Thank you Jeanne,
    for the encouragement on my blog about my auto harp too.
    Hugs, Darlene

  3. Love your "latest find"! Old clocks are wonderful things!

  4. Lovely mantle clock...and even more lovely are the memories that it brings of your mom. (I surely do miss my mom too!) My dad is a master horologist and works on restoring clocks...that is on hold for awhile, since he just had heart surgery last Thursday.

    I found you through another's always fun to find and meet other bloggers.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    If you get a chance to stop by, please let me know that you were by with a comment :o)