Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chairs And Such

Well, both my boss and coworker are sick this week, as so many others are also.  It's some type of respiratory virus, apparently, and I've told them to PLEASE stay home ... and not share the germs.  So I'm working a full schedule this week, that doesn't leave time for artfulness in my "free time," ... so I'm "creating" during my working hours instead!  We have several pieces of outdoor furniture around the shop, that haven't sold "as is," so I'm "recreating them," with new paint finishes.  The above photo is a bar stool that was previously painted solid with a burgundy shade.  I love the zebra print top here!

I'm using paint that my boss and I had on hand, trying not to purchase any new colors (gawd, that's so hard!).  This chair is almost complete, except for the arms.  I'm thinking I will do the zebra print on them, so it will coordinate with the bar stool.  We'll see what results!

I hope these pieces are adding a bit of color to the front of the shop.  Since it is supposed to rain today, I may work on completing the gourd birdhouse seen hanging from the awning here.  It may get a zebra print too, ;).  I love animal prints, can you tell?

Hoping each of you are well, and free from sickness, and enjoying your week!  Happy creating to each of you!


  1. love all this distressing you have been doing to furniture...i <3 that dresser you did ..if it disappears dont look at my house haha!

  2. Love these pieces girl! and anything looks great with a little zebra! the front of the store looks so different....i need to get by there and check things out!

  3. Hard to keep a motivated aratist down, they can find things to create or recreate wheeerever they are. Your work makes the shop look so inviting and colorful it is a real attention getter and because of you and a challenge to use what you have on hand. No matter where one puts it paint is such a wonderful medium and can do great things in so many ways. Just think people paint a face nearly everyday and it is their own, and yes even that picks us up sometimes even if it is just lipstick. Your music gives me a lump in my throat, however it is a good lump.