Monday, October 4, 2010

Sketchbook, Doggies and Twilight

Happy Day, Blogging Friends!  "Don't Worry...Be Happy!"  My latest Sketchbook Project 2011 spread ... with only 1 1/2 spreads left to go before filling my sketchbook!  This one is complete, minus a 3D bow around the band in her hair, and perhaps something in that blank yellow area on the right.  Her eyeball is a bit "wonky," but it speaks to me of her imperfections, ;), and I'll keep it this way.

I've never been a "scrapbooker," but this was a Twilight Kit I couldn't resist.  I completed it months ago, and filled it with photos of my family, and gave it to DH.  I don't think he has much of an appreciation for scrapbooks either, as this has been sitting on our entertainment center, beside of the grande TV for months now, ;).  Before I put it away, it seemed fitting to add a bit of it to my blog.  Here is one of the interior spreads filled with memories of our first years together, many moons ago:
Perhaps this is something we will appreciate more, as we grow older and need something to reflect on.
Lastly, I want to include my two babies in this post ... more for my own reflection in the years ahead, perhaps, than for anyone else's pleasure, I suppose.  Our babies are our true loves (we don't have "traditional" children), and life will never be the same now that we've grown to love and appreciate doggies in our home.  I can "feel" them aging, and know there will come a day when they won't be around, and so I include them here so I will always have them "around."  Needless to say, they will always be in my heart, and I hope they will be with me for at least another 10, or so, God willing.  The only draw back, I see, to having doggies for children is that they do not live as long as "real" children, unfortunately.  But their unconditional love more than makes up for that fact!
Boomer, a 4-yr-old black lab, is our "first born baby," after 20+ years of parenting kitties.  How could one not love that sweet face???  Boom is Mama's Boy all the way, and follows me everywhere I go while at home, ... with some limitations.  He tore his knee ligament (ACL) at 9-months old, had surgery to repair it, and recovered nicely, but has not attempted climbing stairs since then.  (We feel certain he must has torn the ACL while climbing the stairs on our back deck, and thus the hesitation today; we're truly not sure.)  So he won't go off the upper level of the back deck ... to get to my art studio (in the back yard) unless I take him out the front door (where there is one very small step), and around to the back yard. Poor fella; but Mama spoils him rotten ... and responds to MOST of his demands!

Gracie is having her forth birthday today (Happy Birthday Gracie!!!).  She is a yellow lab, much smaller than Boom, but TWICE as feisty, ;).  She followed Boom and I home from one of our morning walks nine months ago, and found herself right at home here immediately, when she saw that I would pet her and tend to her needs without hesitation ... while it took Boom several months to accept her.  In fact, we were sure Boom would never accept her, and we actually tried to find another good home for Gracie during her first months with us, to no avail, thankfully.  We had found her original owners immediately upon discovering her, whom clearly stated they did not want her, and had obviously neglected her (she had a shock/bark collar embedded into her neck when I found her and LOVES attention like she's never had it before).  Thankfully, today, Boom and Gracie play together like true brothers and sisters; she taunts him with toys, and he chases her like there's no tomorrow.  In fact, Boom lost nearly 15 lbs. after Gracie joined the family (pounds that desperately needed to go, especially with his leg problems).  Strangely, when they are full-throttle-ahead with playing, if either of them goes to the water bowl, its an instant "time out" for both of them, and they quietly leave the other alone.  Gracie is Daddy's Girl through and through, but has stolen my heart also, and receives much more "blog time" than Boom, simply because she is much easier to photograph with the lighter fur; poor Boom. 

So these are the two whom fill our nightlife at home, with much love, fun, and affection.  Our nights are filled with play time with the children, and they LOVE for Mom to get on the floor with them in the living room(something Dad won't do for fear that he'll receive a broken nose, or black eye, both of which have happned to Mom).  Mom on the floor with these babies equals "play time" for everyone!  Not much art, or anything else, gets accomplished during these hours, but we form many happy memories during this time.

So, as I reflect on my family, I wish each of you a memorable week with family, filled with much happiness, many laughs, and lots of sloppy, loving kisses!  Let's hope there's a bit of spare time for creativity mixed in there too!  Until next time, happy creating to each of you ~~ Jeanne

PS: I've tried to "comment" on SEVERAL blogs today ... only to receive "Error 503" messages that I initially couldn't get past!  Is anyone else receiving these messages, or is it my computer???  If I don't receive any comments on this post, I'll assume it's a worldwide problem with blogger!  I've slooowly figured out, that if I'll clear my cache/cookies, I can get the comments to go through, but oh my, how many did I try to post beforehand that didn't make it to their intended destination ... or how many did I "double post?"


  1. oh my i new Boom gave you a black eye but not the broken nose...and Boomer photo's just fine I love the pic of him and Tay snuggling :)
    i know they are your "children" but you are always welcome to i found Aunt Lulu's house is the fun place to be as a kid so she loves every second spent there (probably because you have never forced her to drink theraflu haha) <3 M

  2. I will try a post here, other wise things have been going OK, but I mentioned trouble before one day. Beautiful dogs, I really like your flower a lot the background also, and I thought the eye was suppose to be that way and I didn't noticy wonky until you said something. I thought of you today while I was working on a new Journal, and you might not think this but....I have trouble with script, it is funny to me because I usually have so much to write. Maybe I can'at write to myself.

    I always have an enjoyable visit seeing what your doing, BTW great furniture and you distressed it just right. I hope we get to see the knobs.

  3. Your sketchbook page is so happy! It makes me feel good to see it!

  4. I always love looking at your journal pages--you're always so positive--I love that!!
    And you kids--what can I say? They're great!!
    P.S. This has happened to me a couple of times with the comments (Error 503), but then it's fine the next day. I'm telling you Blogger is female--she definitely has her bitchy days ;)

  5. Jeanne;
    I had to take notes to your post so that I could remember to respond to all you have written! LOL! Great post! I love your page for your Sketchbook 2011! And you are almost finished - YAY!!! GOod for you! I love the swirly background and the lady!
    Great kit to put together! I should put something like this together for family shots too!
    Awe! Boomer is adorable! What a sad face he has! My Mila will not go up stairs either but that's because she has "issues" not because she has an injury! She also will walk backwards on certain parts of the floor for some unknown reason! LOL
    Gracie has such a sad story and I am so glad that she is now in a good home! I am glad that Boomer and her get along now!
    Whew... I'm out of breath! LOL.
    Great post Jeannie and many blessings to you.

  6. I enjoy reading your posts Jeanne. :) You're doing a great job with the Sketchbook Project. I get what you're saying about the scrapbooking. :) I tried it too but it's just not for me. Your babies are beautiful. I have two dogs as well and since we moved to my parents house we have the third dog that's my mom's.

  7. Hi Jeanne! This was such a fun post to read. I love my doggie also, and am quite the animal lover. (we have two kitties, two birds, and a cute dog...and of course two lovely human children too!!)

    I am so amazed at your sketchbook page. I just love the colors and the sweet expression on your girl's face.


  8. Hi Jeanne! I am trying to catch up in blogland. I love the layout of your fun. Look at those little heart pins. How cute is that? I've just been enjoying your artwork and finds. You're a real talent. I love to sketch on the side, also. Just always felt a need to create. My boys call me an artist but now it's more painting furniture. It's still cute to hear them say it.

    Your labs are just beautiful. I think they photograph very well. Look at that sweet face. Love it! They are the best dogs. We had a chocolate and yellow. Our chocolate lab was my baby. I couldn't have children for 6 years. Lost a couple pregnancies and do you know that sweet dog knew it. He never left my side. They are very loyal. Much nicer than people, in my opinion :)We have a Corgie, now, he thinks he's a big dog. Pretty funny!

    How lucky you are to work in a shop that you can display your talent. Love the lips and quirky eye on your gal... perfect!

    I love finding fun blogs, like yours. Oh, and heard the song Rhiannon. I have a cousin named after that song. We called her Rhia.

    Blessings and a good weekend to you!