Saturday, October 2, 2010

Latest Finds and Stuff

I've loving this ole chest!  It was a gift from my boss a couple of years ago that has been sitting in our garage for a couple of years, and on this fall day, it just seemed like the perfect day to sand it down and see what happened with it.  I'm loving it!  I sanded it down, thinking I would paint the whole thing ... but then, after I got to sanding, it just seemed like it wanted to keep part of its origins, ... with a coat of very light blue glaze on its surface (that is difficult to see in the pic).  It's the perfect IMperfection!  All is needs is a couple of drawer pulls/knobs, and it will be complete!  Here is the "before" pic.
Doesn't it look happier now, in its distressed state?  I think so!

And here are a few finds I discovered this week ... from a client whose mother-in-law is cleaning our her stash ~~ frames!

These were just a FEW frames ... from her home stash, but she has storage buildings FULL of stuff that I'd LOVE to go through!  The tin pieces on the right have gorgeous patina, and my boss suggested cutting the "inner'eds" out and using them to frame a piece of artwork!  What a brilliant idea.

Then there was this frame with the concave(?) glass that I just HAD to have!  The frame will definitely have to be painted, but hopefully the glass with show off a beautiful piece of art day soon!

Lastly I can't resist sharing this link to an awesome video my niece compiled.  She and my great-niece are both Type 1 diabetics, whom will be walking in the local walk for diabetes later this month.  What a great cause, and ... Taylor's Hope.  If you have time, please watch the linked video; it's a beautiful video with pics of my beautiful 9-yr-old niece, and her Mom.  If you feel inclined, they can definitely use some encouragement with comments on their video and/or donations to their cause.  I'm so thankful I'm blessed not to have diabetes, or any life-changing disease, and hope you don't either.  But, for those whom do, may we all support their causes!

Wishing each of you a beautiful week ahead, filled with blessings, treasures and all of life's best for you and your families.


  1. Oh my, do I love that dresser!! Your sanding definitely improved it!

  2. Girl i loveeee that dresser you should put it in my house lol...thanks for sharing the video and all your help

  3. Hey girl! I LOVE that dresser! and the color rocks!!!!