Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Zebra Birdhouses

What fun this was!  I went with my idea to do zebra print, and started with the birdhouse roofs, as seen here, on the chair back.  This made the whole chair come "to life."  It was looking very weird yesterday, but once I added the zebra print roofs, it all came together, and confirmed that I want to do the arms of the chair in zebra print also.  The arms are a project for tomorrow...

I have them base coated with their first coat of white here, just prior to leaving work today.  Hopefully this won't take too long to complete, because I've found my next project!

This plant stand is, more than likely, ... going to end up with a zebra print on its surface too!  It's been my paint can holder for the last several days, but I will sand all the "evidence" off, and start with a fresh surface ... with something.

I leave you with a scene captured on the way home from work this evening.  Unfortunately, here in Piedmont North Carolina, it seems all the beautiful fall leaves seen are usually in the midst of power lines ... but they are still beautiful, nonetheless.


  1. Hi Jeanne,
    Thank you for visiting my blog so faithfully!
    I have been in and out and not focused.. lol.
    I am pushing myself now.
    I want to tell you .. I love your chair. It is awesome!!
    When I lived in Fl. a girl painted furniture with that island look.. I bought so much from her.
    Great job, Keep on keeping on.
    hugs, Darlene

  2. Man, that chair is looking great! What a great piece! The birdhouses are so fun with that zebra print on the roofs... and I can't wait to see what you do with that fun little table. I think sanding is the yuckiest part and painting is the most fun, wouldn't you agree?

  3. These pieces are so fun--these will be so cool in front of your shop--everything around here is kind of predictable.

  4. oh, I love these jeanne! Could you just come by and paint a few things zebra around here!I cna find lots of things that sould use your touch!Just adorable...
    not colored leaves here in the desert this morning..but we do have rain that hints of fall!