Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Next Phase...

Inspiration is striking full throttle this week, whether it's good or bad, is yet to be determined ... but I'm moving on with it.  As recently posted, I have acquired several vintage frames, and truly didn't know what I was going to do with them.  However, one of the things I love about blogging, and reading others' blogs, is that I see SO much productivity and creativity from others whom inspire me to "get busy" with "something!"  I suppose the fact that I have so many "pieces" in my stash that are just waiting to become "something" is part of what slows me down in being artistically productive ~~ "what should I work on completing, or using, today?"  Also, having recently begun a second job that I'm truly enjoying, I had envisioned myself having less time to create; much to my surprise, my new schedule is forcing me to prioritize my time and "organize" time and myself more so, so that I can be more productive, perhaps even more so than when I was only working one job ... at least for now!

So, this week, I wanted to do "something" more, after the piece I created Sunday that I thoroughly enjoyed creating.  I thought, "what should I do now?"  That stack of vintage frames was calling my name, so I pulled two more from the stack, and decide I would attempt to create coordinating pieces to the one already completed.  I chose two more frames from my stash, and went to work, with the only thought being to create coordinating pieces from whatever supplies I had at hand.  The "feel" of the first piece was kind of "Parisian" or "Regal," and what better symbol to use than the Harlequin pattern with the Fleur de Lis on the second piece!  So the above piece os the result of that inspiration.  I chose not to add "color," as the Glimmer Mist I had used in the first piece was not the most popular interior design shade, and may be difficult for others to incorporate into their home.  So I'm "thinking" I will leave the next two pieces more "neutral" in tone/shade (not being an art major, admittedly I need to research the meaning of these two words again, as I do not recall the difference).  But the above image is where I'm at on this "triptych," if you will.  This frame originally was had a bright gold finish, but I used the same method of finishing it, as I use in the original piece completed earlier this week.  I thought, "if I painted the frame an off white color before faux finishing it, I could obtain a more 'true' coordination with the first frame," however my appreciation for preservation of some of the original "vintage" feel told me to go with what I had, and work from their.  So I used the same methods of finishing the frame, with it's original gold finish.  The third frame is gold, in its original state, also, so hopefully the two will "balance" each other ... or that is my original thinking.

However, after attempting to "group" the three frames in various fashions, the best "fit" seemed to be to put this current piece in the middle.  Its shape and size just seems more appropriate in the middle, so who knows where this will lead me with completing this piece, and the next recantgular one!  I suppose that is only a portion of the fun in creating art, and life.  We're given certain pieces to use in the puzzle, and it's up to us to determine how they will evolve and become part of the "larger picture!"

I'm loving this project as, for me, it totally relates to life ~~ "how will I fit all the pieces together harmoniously, will I be able to make it 'work,' or will they become individual pieces, separate from each other, with no particular interaction, totally dependent on their own?"  At this point, I have no clue, and am "going with the flow," just as in life itself.  I'm currently not sure how my family and two jobs will fit together and flow, but I'm moving on, hoping for an outcome that is harmonious to all, and "going with the flow" for the moment, hoping it all works out for the best of all concerned.  I'd love for all the pieces to "fit together" and work harmoniously together, but realize there is more than "one piece" that needs to function within the total picture, and I'm currently not sure how all the pieces will "fit together."  This is life, to me.  We move on with good intentions, hoping for the best for all concerned, and see where it takes us, and them.  I'm not gifted in any particular area, but feel the need to move forward from yesterday, and make the best of today, with what I have and all that surrounds me, hoping the end result will be for the greater good of all concerned, and all that results.  But I claim no expertise on this path, and admittedly I make many mistakes, but I hope my mistakes do not hurt others in permanency.  I see it as, all I can do is the best with what I have and am given, hoping for growth and success for everyone and everything surrounding me, and I hope others see it the same.  I hope all the pieces fit together in harmony, but if they do not ... we can regroup and rearrange.  However, if we do not attempt growth and cohesiveness with the pieces we are given, we'll never know what the outcome could have been.  Again, did Monet, Rembrandt and other great historians whom have gone before us not struggle with this?

May you all find success, cohesiveness, and peace in all that surrounds you today and always.  Big Cyber Hugs ~~ Jeanne


  1. This project is making me droooooool over fleur de lys stamps. WANT one. :D

    I love what you've done with these.

  2. Hi Jeanne! These frames are amazing and I love how you used them. I too love fleur de lys. I wish I used it more often. :) Have a nice week.

  3. First of all, as always the music rocks here!! ;)

    I love your frame project and agree about all the puzzle pieces fitting together being like life. Always a challenge, but I love how you mentioned the importance of going with the true. This is such a great great reminder to me right now so thanks for words I needed to read!