Thursday, September 30, 2010


Perfection is something that, admittedly, I have struggled with off and on (mostly on!) for a lifetime.  While there is nothing anywhere near perfect about me, or anything I do, I struggled with the frequent desire to try to do things perfectly, and to please everyone with my actions ~~ impossible tasks that set me up for disappointment.

For awhile, I will overcome the "perfection attitude," and then I discover myself back in the same rut.  When having a conversation with my boss this week, I discovered I had returned to that "perfect rut."  We were discussing the shop owner's desire to try new things at the shop to attract business, and I questioned every suggestion made.  That questioning, or negativism as it was perceived, was based upon my interpretation of the possible results, and others' reception of our potential techniques for attracting new business.  In other words, I found myself focusing more on how other's would perceive our efforts, than focusing on what positive results could result ~~ seeking to find the workable, "perfect" solution at first effort, once again, instead of seeking to participate in potentially positive changes ~~ some that will end up working, and some that possibly won't.  It was when my boss stated, "you have something negative to say about every idea I come up with," that it hit me like a ton of bricks ~~ "here's that attempted perfectionism coming out in me again!"  Whoa!  So I took some of the suggested ideas and went to work, trying to fight that desire to do everything perfectly, realizing that some ideas will work, and some won't.  However we'll never learn what will work if we don't begin somewhere!

Then, when visiting some favorite blogs yesterday, I found Eden's Post and it was one of those inspiring moments that I hope to hold onto for a lifetime.  I love the thought of "Perfection ~~ I'm not buying it anymore!"  I have chosen to post this so I can review and reflect on it in the days ahead, and I know I will need many reminders in the days ahead.  May I continue to strive to simply enjoy myself, and participate in positive things with no concern for seeking perfection through those activities.  I remind myself that I can only do the best I can do, and realize that I am not a master of all things; rather I am master of nothing.  So, today, I go forth, seeking a new attitude of appreciation of my IMperfections, and appreciating and/or learning from all that results ... while pondering, "why is this such a hard thing for me?"  Perhaps it is a difficult thing for many of us.

Wishing each of you much happiness, love of your IMperfections, and many successes, as we all attempt to do whatever it is that we enjoy most.  Happy Day and Creating to each of you!


  1. I Love imperfection ..i think it is the most beautful space to be! It is truth and it is empowering!I enjoyed your post..shine on!

  2. good for you! life is much more fun when you quit worrying about being perfect and just do

  3. Wonderful post Jeanne....I just have to share this with you too, forgive me if you've already seen it....
    IMPERFECT.....just add a "'" then you get
    I'M PERFECT.....Yep, You Are Enough!!

  4. Other people's work always looks perfect and mine doesn't, so it seems that it is that way for them also. I really do rather love things that are unbalanced and with surprises I didn't expect even a little messy, yet I think I try to be perfectly messy.

    This is a wonderful post and it really speaks to all who take time to look at themselves.
    I will remember this each day, not that I haven't has this war with myself often.

    thank you.

  5. Ahh--perfection is my enemy, because I'm always trying to get it, and that's completely impossible, and after reading Eden's list, I have to LET IT GO!! Thank you for this Jeanne!!
    P.S. My favorite--perfection steals your ability to be a beginner

  6. Hi sweetei! I can relate, but it seems I am finally getting to a place where I can let it go. I have a great book around this topic I will share if you are you!!!

  7. what great insights into the struggle with perfectionism! thank you for sharing your heart and how perfectionism manifest in your negative comments. I would have never thought of that. Now, I can be more aware of when I do that and why.