Monday, September 20, 2010

The past week was a busy one, and thus I did not accomplish much artfully, and feel I neglected my blog.  So, without further ado, before rushing off to work this morning, here is what I accomplished last week.

First, the beginning of my first "sugar skull," a styrofoam skull I purchased on clearance last year at Michaels while taking Suzi Blu's Day Of The Dead class.  It now has color, and will come to life further as I add doodles in each section:

Then there is the completion of my "Hands" Journal Spread, with its 4" flap, as well as most of the next "Love" Journal Spread:

Wishing each of you a blissful week filled with all the things you love and enjoy most!


  1. That last spread is my absolute favorite!! and Sugar Skull :) too cool!!

  2. OMG your journal is magnificent!! SO awesome!!

  3. I love the name Sugar Skull !!! The Love page is simply lovely and I really love the colors, Jeanne ! It's so lovely =)

  4. Ok I am trying agin, something went amiss and I got information about not being signed in and loosing my cookie. We it is not true.

    Your journal is wonderful, don't you just love to hold it? A book of art and your art, I always think how good that would feel. Now if I did a journal I would know.

    We still have 4 days left to accomplish, I am hoping for witch hat ability, first I have to cover the dumb hat I did.

    What a unique skull, I am in the mood for things like this.

  5. I'm loving your scull project! Can't wait to see it all finished. :)