Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flea Finds and SBP Continued

As promised in a previous post from Sunday, here are some more items seen at the Hillsville Flea Market.  These are terrariums made from old windows and topped off with scraps of decorative ceiling tins.  I had heard of these, but never seen one before.  If interested in making one, I found this Country Living Article giving step-by-step instructions ... although they use picture frames, instead of windows, in the article, that is a great alternative.

I liked this idea also, of using a window and some coat hooks to create this piece.  The beadboard backing is a great detail.

This cabinet, made from an old door without the glass panes, would be a great addition to store art supplies.  Not as nice of the Merchant's Cabinets seen in my prior post, but much easier to obtain ... or create!

Lastly, here are a few of the 2-foot square ceiling tiles being shown by Kenny Hoff.  He provides two hangers on the back of these pieces, so the owner can choose to hang them square, or on the diagonal.  I love these historical pieces of art, and am thrilled they are being upcycled today, and reused.  They are just too ornately beautiful to be thrown away, in my humble opinion.

As for "My Finds," I came home with a light load.

I have a new fascination with old door knobs, so I picked up a few of them, as well as an old tin type photo, and a pair of old glasses that looked like something that would have been worn by my great grandmother; I just had to have 'em!  The rhinestone-chain necklace will ... one day ... be further bejeweled with various vintage trinkets inspired by Amy Hanna.

And this little vintage wooden cream cheese box just had to come home with me.  My ink pads fit into it perfectly, and now I'm wishing I would have purchased all four of them!

So, now onto my Sketchbook Project!  In my previous post, I mentioned the mistake I made by completing a "spread" before binding my new pages onto the cover . . . and completing the entire "spread" only to discover it was actually supposed to the first ... and last page of the book.  Well, before scrapping all of the work I had done on these pages, I decided to try to bind them separately from the rest of the blank pages ... and it worked!  First I sewed all the blank pages into the book as one unit, and then I sewed my first spread in front of these pages separately, and voila!

It's difficult to tell from these photos, but the pages are all NOW BOUND ~~ woot!  So, I'm moving on ...

... and working on pages 4 and 5 of my Sketchbook Project ~~ these are my hands that I will totally tangle. I'm loving some zentangles, needless to say ... and figured two hands fit into the "Make Mine A Double" theme, ;)!

Now I'm off to weave an untangled web of life today!  Wishing each of you a blissful day of much success, love and creativity!


  1. Jeanne, I always love reading your might want to check out this blog
    she lives here in Phoenix and teaches at a local spot..but has online classes also..her art journaling is pretty awesome..

  2. What treasures you've found. How much fun!! Your sketchbook is so much fun to follow, it looks amazing!!!

  3. Your journal is coming alive now!! And I love those terrariums--this was a very cool flea market that you went to!!
    P.S. And you know how much I love those door knobs!! not to mention those eyeglasses.

  4. Yay! I love what you've done with the hands so far. I don't know if it makes a difference, but your blog address is actually, and not Maybe it works both ways, i'm not sure :)

  5. A lot to see this visit, thinking of all those great things you saw at the fleaM. those tiles just made me want to grab and pay of course. I am partial to the door knobs also, and the glasses, My daughter makes jewelry and buys those cases at flea markets as a box for the piece when she gives it as a gift.

    Enjoying your journal, the progress the different looks, and of course the art as always.

    Thre are so many things to want to do, I don't know if your mind s scatters with the want to do things, the worst for me is doing that when driving.

    Such a great visit I had.