Sunday, September 26, 2010

Doggie Collars and UFOs

Fall officially arrived here on the East Coast of the USA this morning ... and it feels wonderful! A nice crisp morning ~~ well temps in the low 60s (Fahrenheit), with an expected high of 70, and forecasted temps for this week not to exceed the low 80s ~~ and this is considered "crisp" after our record highs all summer long. We had a record 66 days of temps 90 or above this summer, and that is HOT for mid-North Carolina, so I'm excited to see fall officially arrive. Enough about the weather; I'll share what it is inspiring!

This is my latest "experiment." They appear to be party hats here, but they aren't.  A client suggested doggie "bandannas" that will slip onto the collar, instead of being tied around the neck, in seasonal prints, and it lit a "light bulb" for me. After all, I have two doggies (labrador retrievers) ... although my DH swears they will never wear "clothing" of any kind because it's too "sissy," ~~ not even bandannas, lol.

However, I need "test models" for these new pieces, so whom better to model these new handkerchiefs than my own doggies? So, I headed out to buy some fall fabrics yesterday, and whipped up the first set of pieces last nite. Above, is Gracie test modeling one of my first pieces.  She's a bit shy to the camera, but she loves her new clothing!  Now, to determine what I will name them? Handkerchiefs, collar accessories, Doggie Do's ~~ that's yet to be decided, and all suggestions are very welcome!  Naming is half the battle in this type of product within the marketing game, and I need your assistance here, please!

Last night, I also began my next journal spread for my Sketchbook Project 2011 based on a spread previously done in my "real" journal that I loved. Again, my theme is "Make Mine A Double," and this page speaks to wishing for "double happiness, and less worries." Color is still to come, as are the remaining words.

With fall coming on, and fabric coming into play within my projects, I am reminded of the Un-Finished Objects ("UFOs") in my stash. As fabric, and especially quilts, can be hot to work with, it has always seemed like a winter project to me. And, admittedly, while I've enjoyed quilting (especially piecing, not so much with the actual quilting), and I've completed several smaller quilts, I have two king-size quilts that have remained in the UFO state for far too many years.

Pictured above is my first-ever quilt begun, oh, I'm ashamed to say it was at least 10 years ago. I signed up for this quilting class not realizing it was an "hand piecing, hand quilting" class, and the instructor talked me into doing this king-sized quilt, when I should have stuck with my gut and done a wall hanging as my "traditional handmade" first piece, ;). It's all pieced together, (by hand!), and the hand-quilting is partially completed ... but I'm thinking, if I'm ever going to complete this fella, he's going to have to meet my sewing machine!

Then there is this partial glimpse of an UFO, begun in 2003, (pieced together with a sewing machine!). After Mom passed, I wanted to preserve some of her, and her preference for very colorful clothing, and thus this quilt top is made from many of Mom's blouses, scarves, and a few pair of pants. It is all silk or soft polyester blends, so it will be a very "cool feeling" quilt ... when completed, and a beautiful family heirloom to pass along to my great niece.  I've included hand-embroidery on many blocks, as well as flower technique that Mom and I learned together (shown below).

Lastly, this is one completed quilt block that I machine embroidered ... before my embroidery attachment died. It, also, is done on silk fabric, and would have been a beauty of a quilt. However, since I don't have the option of machine embroidering today, I'm thinking the completed blocks could make some gorgeous pillows, :).

So, you see, I've obtained the "fabric fever" with the cooler temperatures, and I have plenty of projects to last me awhile. Perhaps posting about my UFOs will push me to complete some of these projects! That is one of the many things I'm appreciating about blogging; it gives me an incentive to complete my projects, so that I can share them, and "preserve" them for my recollection in years to come, as I flip back through my earlier posts and reflect on my art and projects. Speaking of reflection on previous projects, I completed my "Big Girl Journal!" I had it made into a hard-bound book by Shutterfly, including several pictures of Big Girl's first 5 years, and gave it to Big Girl ~~ and she, and her Mom, loved it! It's such a great feeling to share our art, and ourselves with others, and know that we've touch someone with our "gifts."

So, I'm off to make more fabric goodies, and perhaps complete my latest journal page, and wishing each of you a beautiful week filled with all the things you enjoy most. May we all feel the love that surrounds us, have time to enjoy life, and share ourselves with others. xoxo


  1. love the doggie dangles ill take a small ;-p
    also love that one day taylor will get that special quilt handed down to her you know she loves everything you make

  2. One or two, Mist (do you have 1 doggie...or 2)? Of course the quilt will be Tay's one day ... and hopefully it will be in the finished state by then! I'm liking "Doggie Dangles!" Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. What a great idea your dog bandannas, here in the rural area with a lot of hunting it could be a sa fety measure also in neon orange, especially on a dog the color of yours and out dog that color also.

    I am very impressed with your quilting and for your first quilt that is a huge success, I know it takes great determination and discipline to do that much hand work. I have made quite a few wall hangings in a rather abstract way as I have a lot of trouble with getting things right that a quilt demands.
    I do love fabric and the fabric now is really something.

    We have colful areas also, and have had a couple beautiful days to enjoy it.

    So much enjoyment reading what you have to say and seeing what you do.

  4. Oh, I envy anyone who knows how to use a sewing machine--such wonderful creations can come out of such a weird-looking piece of machinery. Maybe someday when there's 25 hours to a day--I'll learn how to use one ;)
    The dog bandannas--very very cool!

  5. Jeanne! Love the fall inspiration. I miss the leaves turning and that brisk 60ish weather! Love the doggie bandanas - I have a camera shy pup too - the journal theme is EXCELLENT and the quilts are AMAZING! Great post!

  6. It was a great pleasure to see all your finished and unfinished projects. Your quilt will be a treasure and you don't like much. You should name your dog scarf a RAwRF Scarf!
    So cute

  7. Love, Love, Love that drawing with the DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY!! You are so CREATIVE!!

  8. i love your page! And those doggie bandanas...dogganas? (lol!) are so adorable! You should DEFINITELY do a "double rainbow" sketchbook page. If you haven't seen it on YouTube yet, you probably should. It is hysterical; and play the awesome music video/remix someone made as well.