Monday, September 13, 2010

Latest Projects

Good morn-ing, blogg-ing friends!  I hope each of you had an enjoy-able week-end.  It was
beautiful here on the East Coast of the US, with a feeling of fall in the air, a time of year that I welcome with open arms.  I love the feeling fall brings, of "shedding the old, and bringing on the new," with the change of color brought with the leaves, and then, shedding of leaves; the arrival of cooler temperatures; the renewal of life in our gardens, as the heat of summer fades; and the thought of "something new" arriving with a new season, and to many, a new school year.  For me, fall also brings memories of Mom's passing (from breast cancer), as she passed during the early part of fall, October 2, in the mountains of NC, an area of the country that she loved ... and I do, too ... and an area where the leaves promise beautiful fall color.  She loved fall, and the morning of her passing, I "saw her" within the trees blowing in the wind, and their falling leaves .. and within the rainbow that appeared in the sky that morning. 

So it is very appropriate, to me, that Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the month of October, and it is even more appropriate that I am donating the above piece of art to the benefit being held at The Bistro, an event to be held on September 27 entitled "Toast To The Ta-Tas" where all proceeds benefit Friends For An Early Breast Cancer Test.  This donation, as well as all others, will be auctioned off, and I hope mine, and all the others, will be well received, as it is such a great cause. 

This piece has so much meaning, to me.  First, the choosing of a corset was meant to portray the inner beauty of each woman, whether touched by breast cancer, or not; we all have beauty and love within us that sometimes may not be seen on the surface; here, I have chosen to portray that beauty on the surface.  The specific zentangles of this piece have meaning to me ~~ the "Flowers" on the upper portion symbolize the love that I hope surrounds each breast cancer patient, as they go through the process of dealing with cancer.  The "Silver Foreground with Daisy Centers" symbolize the grayness that surrounds the disease, and the hope for a future that I think every patient needs.  The "Tears Surrounded by Black" symbolize the tears shed over this disease, and the solid foundation of family- and friend-love that must be present to overcome and/or make it through a cancer diagnosis.  I'll skip to the word "Hope" that, for me, symbolizes the organization Mom formed in her community after being diagnosed, an organization called "Rainbow of Hope," that was organized to support local breast cancer patients and their families.  Lastly, I have to include a word about my new local friend, Marcia Joyce, of Pails of Passion, whom donated and faux finished, VINTAGE frame that surrounds my art in this piece ~~ what a talented lady she is ... and I WISH she had a blog to link to here, but Beverlys Down The Hill is where much of her work can be viewed.  Marcia creates some beautifully refinished furniture, specializing in turning "trash into treasures," in my humble opinion.

Okay, so beginning on a serious note, I'll move onto something a bit lighter ~~ my Sketchbook Project!  Here is the completion (well almost ~~ there's still a 4" "pull out" on the right side to work into the piece, as well as a few details to incorporate herein) of my Hands Spread.  If you remember, my theme is "Make Mine A Double," and this spread is meant to express the perhaps intermittent (or constant!) desire we experience to have "double hands" to accomplish our daily tasks.  I'm truly enjoying the discovery of Zentangles, and I love how much depth and dimension they add to my pages.  I "painted" Glimmer Mist within the background on this page ~~ finding that it doesn't always have to be sprayed sporadically.  If you could only see the shimmer it provides here, but the photo doesn't allow for that ... or at least, MY photographic abilities don't allow for it.

This is the back side of the above Hand Spread.  It speaks to the desire to have more (double) time to accomplish all that we hope to.  I love the Tim Holtz "stencil" here, shadowed with Glimmer Mist in shades of blues and greens.  I'm a bit disappointed with the wording on this page ... as, for some, time is so important, and every extra second counts.  But, for me yesterday, this was my thought ... "what would I actually accomplish with 'double' time?"  Today, I see there are many hugs, conversations, and accomplishments I could accomplish ... if today were my last day.  Perhaps I will include some verbage on top of the stencil to this effect, and I need to include this thought in my daily life.

Lastly, this is what I found this morning, on the computer's keyboard, as my DH knew the computer would be one of my first "spots" I hit this morning.  I absolutely adore his hand-made cards, and inclusion of our "children" in them.  This one expresses our "children's" recent fascination with cats on our neighborhood walks ... as well as my DH's "fading" fingerprints as he has been hand-sanding his latest truck purchase, before painting it ... and his fingerprints are being worn down to a frazzle, lol.  What a sweet card, with many memories to hold onto!

So, on this day, I wish each of you good health, more time to accomplish your tasks and desires, more hands to do so, and more love than you've ever imagined possible!  May you week be filled with much peace, love, and accomplishments. xoxo


  1. I love having my morning tea and visiting with you.....It's always interesting and I always learn so much.....

    Your picure you did for the action is incredible and I know it's intended for a special person...Can't wait to see who that is....

    Well I don't know what to say about your Zentagles......except they are amazing....I have tried but mine surely don't look lik yours...I think I am missing something.....
    Great point in those journal pages....

    The card from your husband is precious; he must be quite a sweet to him.....

    I am sorry about your Mom because I can tell you miss her terribly but she would be so proud of you and how you are using your art to honor her.......

    Hugs special friend and I hope your day is filled with joy..

  2. Lovely painting! The frame complements it perfectly. I love your description of the symbolism used; we artists have so many wonderful ways of communicating without words, so it is a delight to glimpse the inner motivations of an artist. You inspire me to include more of the personal story behind my paintings the next time I post.
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful message at the end, and same to you!!

  3. the piece fore the auction turned out great!

    and Happy Birthday once again...your hubby has the best handwriting of any man i have ever seen!

    we love you girlie!
    m and t
    (and Brody, Niki, Peppermint, Pumpernickel, Princess and Marshmellow);-p

  4. What a wonderful piece you've created for the benefit, and even more special because of the meaningful touches that are in it.
    And what can I say about your zentangling--you have the touch!
    Happy Birthday too--love your family card :)

  5. Jeanne;
    I have to categorize my comments to you as I have so many...
    Corset: First I LOVE this and all the personal zentangling and meaning that you have incorporated into this piece. You have chosen a perfect image to represent such an important Cause! Sorry to hear about your mom's passing but it is a blessing to have such fond memories every fall. Mine comes in the Spring when my Father passed away.
    Hands: I love drawing my hands and I have a number of pieces that look very similar to yours as I have zentangled them too! I love love love this process and yours are beautiful!
    Tim Holtz Stencil: I LOVE his stencils. On your stencil I would add journaling to it to finish it off (just my opinion - or you could leave it as it is too and it's still fabulous) I love your lettering!
    Hubbub: He is so sweet to leave you this note and especially with the smudged fingerprint - hilarious! You are very blessed!
    Hugs to you sweet lady!

  6. wow, I love how your piece turned out for the fundraiser. I know many people will love it!! And I know that October 2 is a very tough day for you, and I hope you have something very special planned for that day. Something for you, and for your mom, somewhere you can feel close to her again.

    And I love your journaling. Thank you for sharing with us!

  7. Hi, Jeanne ! This post is very touching.. and your corset piece is so beautiful that it will speak to so many women. Gorgeous work and the frame adds excellent touch ! I love fall.. I love the cold wind..falling leaves.. at the same time it makes me very moody :D
    Your sketchbooks pages are really great!!
    Have a blissful rest of the week =)

  8. Jeanne, I am loving your SKETCHBOOK!! I love the theme of Make mine a are gonna have fun with that! I'm glad you signed up :D

  9. I so enjoyed the song about dancing with my dad, I had not hard that ever and it really brought back memories of my dad doing that. so nice.
    Then I got to see what you have been doing and I can see you have been very artful with such a variety of talent and things to give. Plus that great card that really do mean a lot, like the odd things my husband gives me that he finds outside that I keep in a dish, things from years ago when another house was here.

    Your hand and the zentangles are so great and g reat writing, text which I admire.

    Thank you for a good time.

  10. Oh Jeanne, this was the best post! Love your corset piece! Wow! And your way with the written word carried me right to end. Thank you so much for lifting my spirit this morning.

    I also checked out your previous post underneath this one. Loved the Flea Market finds. Goodness Gracious Alive..they all were great! The ceiling tiles were awesome.

    Thanks for visiting my place earlier and leaving such an inspirational message. I'm kind of excited to see how the old dresser comes together. My husband has now gotten involved..he wants to beef up the front and sides with a decorative wooden trim. I'll post photos of the completed project down the road.

    Have a Great Sunday Sweet Friend! Hugs of Georgia Sunshine, Terri

  11. I love your playlist! I lingered a little longer just to sing my son some songs. I have to get that gadget. Thanks for the art and music!

  12. Very cool seeing your sketchbook J! They're wonderful x2!!!