Saturday, September 4, 2010

Birdies and Breasties

Good morning, blogland!  It's a nice cool morning here on the east coast, with the feeling of fall in the air ... finally.  After a day at work today, DH and I are headed to Hillsville, Virginia for their annual Labor Day Flea Market tomorrow, where I can only expect to find even cooler temps ~~ woo hoo.  I love fall, and I love this flea market.  Hillsville is a small town, but the entire town turns into one huge flea market/yard sale every Labor Day weekend.  I'm hoping to find some good "junk" to incorporate into my art ~~ we shall see!

Thinking of fall, I painted this piece this week.  I love the colors, but am not real happy with the lettering, or the birdies tail.  Hmmm, may haveta try reworking these components.

Then, looking ahead to Breast Cancer Awareness month (October), I would like to do a piece of art for a local benefit.  I'm not sure where this piece is going from here, but it's a start ... that may be painted over and begun all over again!  Having lost my Mom to breast cancer in 2002, and knowing many others whom have been touched by this disease, this is a project that is perhaps too close to my heart.  I didn't want to be a "face" on the piece, as there is not one face that can represent all those whom have been touched by it.  Instead, I wanted to emphasize the beauty that exists within these souls, before, during and after their battles with cancer.  So, this is where I began; a pretty camisole that would hopefully make any woman feel pretty.

Off to work now, and wishing each of you a weekend filled with blissfulness and much love!

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  1. Love the painting and I like the bird's tail...makes him look confident which one has to be to make that leap......

    So glad you are doing a painting for breast cancer awareness. I have a friend battling it right now and several others whose lives have been changed by the dreaded disease...I can't wait to see how you finish it....

    Have a great time on your treasure hunt this weekend.....I'll be celebrating my grandson's birthday and hooping it up at a football game....Be safe and have a great time....