Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sunshine, Hearts, Lace ... and Earl

Good morning to all my friends in the wonderful land of blogging!  Hope this finds each of you well, safe from harm, feeling much love, and filled with inspiration.

I have a few things to share with you today.  First, the above painting is the result of my second "Mystele" piece.  This is the background I completed, and posted, last week.  In my earlier post, I mentioned that I was seeing a face within it ~~ a distinct chin, and a slanted eye.  Well, I broke out my watercolors and began painting the face I saw.  Thankfully I used watercolors for this process, because it just didn't feel right once I got further into the process.  The "graffiti-type" background wasn't working with the face that was forthcoming.  So, being watercolors, I was able to "wash" it away, like it never excited.  Then, I realized I have never done a piece of art for my DH ... other than several cards.  This seemed the perfect piece to dedicate to him.  So, the 'face' became a heart instead, and the rest just flowed.  After 24 years of marriage, we have just gone through one of those "stale" periods, where things had become too routine, and we're now currently in the process of re-dedicating ourselves to each other, and attempting to renew our feelings and love for each other.  In our first years of marriage, I would frequently sing my version of "You Are My Sunshine" to him, so I included the sunshine in this piece, as a way to express the feeling that he remains my sunshine on this sometimes cloudy earth.  I was thrilled when he seemed to truly appreciate this piece, and has placed it in his hobby room ... filled with hunting and fishing "junk" ~~ containing all his favorite things.  So, I discovered, again, that it pays to follow my heart with my art, and be flexible with the direction in which my heart wants my art to go.

Then, yesterday, as I was rushing to leaving the house to begin a second part-time job (at another eclectic shop), I discovered a package on my doorstep.  I just LOVE getting mail and/or packages ~~ who doesn't?!?  This package was very special, as it contained the items I had received in my first-ever blog giveaway!  It was from Close2myArt, and I rushed to the car, box in hand, to rip it open and find my goodies!  And here they are:

The larger piece to the left is an art print entitled "Breaking Free."  I love it, and its title fits me right now, as I am attempting to 'break free' with my style of art.  The owl on the top right is a magnet, and the bottom right piece is a card.  But, perhaps my favorite piece here in the "art blox" with the simple word "create" on it.  This piece will definitely be hung in my studio.  The whimsical feel to all of these pieces speaks loudly to me, as does the bright color palette.  Aren't they fun?  There is one piece that I can't show here, because it is a gift for a very special someone whom reads my blog, ;).

And the last piece received from Close2myArt is this cute little house box:

I love this little box.  The words wrap around its heart-shaped base and state, "Home ... a dwelling place."  The whimsy and bright colors within these pieces are right up my alley, and I just love 'em!  I am very humbled, and honored, to have received them, and plan to share them with others whom enjoy the same whimsical style of art pieces.

Speaking of packages, I received another package in the mail this week!  This one wasn't for me, but for a dear friend whom lives "on the other side of the pond" and occasionally has items she purchases within the US shipped to me, that stay in my care until she has a collection of packages that I then ship to her, overseas.  I love receiving her packages, as they traditionally contain beautiful Sid Dickens memory blocks, that we both admire.  This week's package contained my favorite memory block of Sid Dickens entitled "Black Lace."

This is a long-ago retired memory block that I've always been drawn to because of the "damask" pattern on its front.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  This is a 6" x 8" piece of art created from hydro plaster over a wooden base.  The cracks are part of the piece and, to me, give it that "Olde World" feel.  Now I am awaiting receipt of a second package containing another memory block for my friend, that is due to arrive any day ~~ it's like Christmas, to me, when I receive her packages!  While I've never met her in person, she is such a special person to me, and I truly appreciate our friendship.  I hope to travel "over the pond" and visit her in person one day ... when I win the lottery!

Lastly, I can't help but mention "Earl."  He is that Category 4 hurricane that currently resides 410 miles off of North Carolina's coastline, with current wind speeds of 145 miles per hour.  Earl is attempting to ruin many folks' Labor Day vacations, as many locals travel to the NC coast on this holiday, to enjoy their last summer vacation.  Evacuations have already begun along our coastline, and, as the Dixie Chicks song goes, "Earl [has] to die, Goodbye Earl!"  Let's all hope that Earl is drawn out to sea, and finds a quiet death in the middle of the ocean, providing no harm to anyone.

And so, that is my ramblings for today.  Thanks, to each of you, whom read my blog and/or comment.  Admittedly, I'm not a great artist, or writer, but I truly enjoy blogging, and your visits and comments provide me much joy and many smiles.  My desire is for you to feel "at home" here on my "front porch."  I wish each of you safety, happiness, and much inspiration for creativity today and always.  May your days be filled with all of these, and more.


  1. I love coming to your blog for a visit; it's just like sitting down and having a chat with you....we're so close to each other we must arrange a visit as I would love to meet you in person......I can tell you are a sweetheart...

    Great job on the picture and so glad you listened to your heart and finished it up for your DH. I know it made him feel very special...

    The little house box is the cutest thing...just precious...never seen one like that....

    And yes, we do need to pray that Earl goes out to sea; NC doesn't need that right now....there's so much planned on the coast for this weekend plus we don't want anyone in it's path....I have family and friends on the coast around Wilmington and I want them safe....

    Girlfriend, I hope you have a wonderful day...You're special an I'll look forward to our next visit. By the way, thank you for your sweet comments you left me...they meant alot to me......

    Hugs my friend......

  2. Jeanne;
    Great post... I read every word! And therefore I have much to comment on. Now if I can only remember everything? LOL. First of all, your painting with the heart is awesome, so bright and cheerful. My hubbub and I are going on 18 years this October and we still sing "You are My Sunshine" to each other, but I know what you mean when you say you are attempting to reconnect. Marriage is hard if you are going to have a healthy, happy, successful one! Whenever me and hubby haven't been connecting I grab his hand and we close out all the world behind locked doors (not what you think) and we TALK! We talk and we talk and we talk until we are connected again! Sometimes we even have pillow fights, sometimes I cry on his shoulder but the important thing is that we connect. God is so good to us.
    Next... I am drooling over that "close2myheart" package you won! Congratulations! I love every piece you received you lucky lady you! I also love what your friend received too.
    I am praying that Earl dies out really fast and that no one gets hurt! We do not need another "Katrina" - AMEN! It must be so frightening to live in a hurricane zone. I guess just as much as a tornado or earthquake zone too. I'm thinking of you and your family and all the families that have the potential to be harmed by the hurricane.
    I have really enjoyed your blog this morning!
    Hugs and happy creating!

  3. Hi, Jeanne ! It's always pleasant to read your posts. You're my sunshine is great piece and I know what you mean by you see faces.. I always see too many faces.. not just on papers but just everywhere my eyes go and stare.. so odd but I've learned not to bring out all the faces one day.. I guess I realized I don't really 'have to' bring it out just cuz I see LOL
    Your blog is SO Sweet and don't say you're not a great artist or writer.. to me you ARE and I'm pretty sure it is to everyone who comes to your blog =)
    The break free piece is gorgeous.. it's truly break free ! Lovely hair cut on your previous post, too ! :0)

  4. Girlie, that is big stuff your art made it into Mike's man room! Im glad things are looking up :)

    also so jealous you won that give away love love that big piece from them...where are ya going to hang it :-p


  5. Beautiful piece, Jeanne! So nice of you to dedicate it to your hubby. Hope everything works out well for you.

  6. I love the story of your art piece!!!--It makes it that much more special, and thank you for introducing me to this wonderful artist close 2 my heart--I love this style of art, and I was introduced to Sid Dickens this summer by a customer--it's great how we can connect like this--hope you have a great Labor day weekend.

  7. Jeanne, That background is BEAUTIFUL!! I wouldn't know where to start, but I so enjoy seeing these. Your DH will love the piece. What a nice bunch of creative eye candy you posted as well!! What a fun post :D