Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Background Formatting ~~ What the Heck!!!

K, purchased a really cool blog background (from Heidi Swapp!), and cannot get it to work. Anyone else had this problem, and found a solution??? I got the banner to work . . . but not yet figured out how to insert words into the banner. However, just getting the banner to work was a huge accomplishment for me, lol! (Took many attempts)

Since I have no "followers," I feel like I'm talking to myself here, but that's okay ~~ I talk to myself all the time . . . and sometimes I even answer!

Feeling rather flu-ish today, but I'm not giving into it . . . all the way, yet! My creative juices are flowing and thus I want to use them. Created "name plates" to go on the back of my girls, and added some paint around the border of Chance, per Suzi's critique, and I think that's just what she needed. (Suzi actually suggested stamping or stenciling around the edges, in a color similar to Chance's hair ~~ great suggestions. However, my stencil wasn't working well, and I don't have an ink pad in a similar color ~~ so a rough border using paint was my best option.) I believe she's ready for beeswax now!

So, now, do I beeswax, begin drawing my angel, or go rest in bed while reading da Vinci? We'll see!

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