Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Catchin' Up!

Been away for a few weeks...but haven't forgotten my blog. Just been extra busy...playing, hehehe...and having the time of my life.
K, sold my 2nd piece of art (8x8 canvas w/heart,crown & wings) the same week as my first piece of art sold (mentioned in last blog)!!! OMG, I was sooo excited! A really great customer at the shop purchased it, and I pray she's enjoying it. It just made my day ~~ two pieces sold in one week; I was humbled to think this was even possible. Life is growing in a new, awesome direction for me, and I feel I must praise God for it.
Now, as mentioned in my last post, I'm taking an online workshop, and having soooo much fun with it. I've drawn many dollies, and completed 4 now, with collage backgrounds, paint, a few embellishments, and then waxed them to seal all the layers. I'm enjoying this newest learning process and looking forward to doing many more of these girlies. Let's see if I can upload the 4 I've completed.
This first dolly is "Esmeralda," The Gypsy. She was my first piece, however I finished her after testing my second piece (next pic).
This is "Cecilia," whom was my 'test project,' actually completed with beeswax first, so I could confirm that my paintings would survive the waxing process...and she worked! She was a quick project, and alot of fun to create. I need to do more of these "quickies!" We have a client at work whom loves Cecilia, so I will attempt to do a 'twin' of her.

This is "Elizabeth," done in celebration of the Hispanic and Catholic holiday referred to as "Day of the Dead," also known by Methodist's as "All Saints Day." She was a very therapeutic piece to do. The top, blue skull represents Mom, whom I miss terrible and was a very fun loving lady. The green skull with the copper crown represents Poppee, my grandfather (whom played the role of 'Dad' to me as a child), and whom I loved with every part of my being. The red, 'devlish' skull off to the right side represents my step-dad, whom committed suicide in 1982, just a month after my grandfather's passing; he was a good man, but drinking got the best of him. The pink skull represents Mama, my grandmother whom loved flowers, especially irises, and whom played a large part in my childhood. The white skull with purple, red and copper accents represents Margret, my sister, whom passed from ovarian cancer in 2004; she was a wonderful person, however she and I had a difficult relationship throughout most of our lives. The 'skeleton kitty' represents many kitties whom were special to me, but whom have passed on ~~ Jack, Jake, Patches, Bear, and Fluffy. I'm still waiting on my instructor's critique of this piece, before completing it and then sealing it with beeswax.

My most recent piece, started and completed on November 1st (Day of the Dead/All Saints Day), is "Evie," (using a version of my Mom's middle name, Everett), and whom honors Mom, whom passed from Breast Cancer in 2002, and all others whom have been touched by cancer. Again, I am awaiting my instructor's critique before completing her and sealing her with beeswax. However, I have ordered a print of her from an online site, and cannot wait to see how the print turns out! Yesterday, I emailed the Susan Komen Foundation to see if they could assist me in promoting an auction of this piece, with all benefits going to their foundation, to further research in finding a cure for cancer! Will keep you posted, but I haven't heard from this as of yet.
The original purpose for taking this "Les Petit Dolls" workshop was to learn how to make my own artwork, to use in more of the soldered charms I made earlier. However, now that I have discovered I can actually draw and paint....who knows where this will lead me! They are so comforting to make, and I just love them. However, I love the heart found in the top, right corner of my "Elizabeth" painting, and may attempt a painting using only this type of detail...instead of incorporating a dolly.
Today I am beginning a workshop based on the book "How to Think Like Leonard da Vinci," that will concentrate on building awareness of my artistic talents, and discovering what is truly important to me, among other significant things. My first assignment is to write 100 questions that I one sitting! I will do this today...hopefully. Once the questions are written, I am to choose 10 that are most important, and also discover a theme(s) within my questions. These themes, and most important questions, will help guide my growth process through the rest of the book. Now all I need is more time, right? However, I have a "no work" day today, so this is the perfect time to begin this process!
Today, I am looking back at where I've been, and how far I've come, as an artist and an individual, just in the last 2 months. Only six months ago, I had just discovered paper, or specifically cardmaking; 2 months ago, I was at Creative Escape in Arizona taking some awesome workshops from eight very talented instructors. Today I am learning to claim that I AM an ARTIST! Wow! This is such tremendous growth for me, and my online doll workshop has provided an awesome network of artists to share my growth, and newest passion with. My friend (and boss!), Jan, is also a great inspiration whom shares my passion for art. We are currently searching for some mixed media workshops to take 'live,' in person!
But, perhaps the BEST thing I have to share, relating to my art, is that my hubby is supporting me in this endeavor, referring to me as "The Artist," taking an interest in my work, and encouraging me in it! This is HUGE! Today, I feel like I'm at the peek of my life. God, help me to continue to grow in this direction, be inspired by others, AND inspire others, and learn to humbly give You credit for my talent!
May peace and inspiration be with you! Until next time! xoxox ~~ Jeanne


  1. Love all your new artworks! Great work!

  2. Thanks for the positive encouragement, Gritty Bird!!!