Monday, November 23, 2009


It's Thanksgiving week, and I have much to be thankful for. There is so much I overlook each day, and forget to admire the luxuries surrounding me in this ole life. What would life be like without my health, home, family, friends, Boomer, career, clients, creativity, art, artful toys, five senses, medications, memories, freedom, ability to instantly communicate with friends throughout the world, among so many other things I take for granted? I am so very thankful for each of the people, and things, that encompass my life today. I am reminded that there is much I have given up within my life, and I am so grateful for all that I still have today. I hope to remind myself of this gratitude daily, and not overlook the smallest of things surrounding me.

I took one day, last week, and tried my best to remain focused on the sounds around me. It was amazing to hear all that I had been ignoring ~~ the coffee pot perking, the sweet sound of Boom's paws as he pranced throughout our walk, the sniffing of his smelling everything along our route, the tip/tap of my keyboard, the spraying of water from the shower, the difference in various vehicles passing by on the roadways, the squeaking of the gate at work as I thrust it open, the tweeting of birds throughout the day, the various instruments within music, the ching of the cash register, the differences in the voices of various people I encountered, the crisp crunch of chewing salad versus the softer noises when chewing other foods, the endless TV within our home that goes ignored throughout most of our day, the indescribable sound of newspaper pages being turned, the loud scrubbing of a toothbrush that I've always wondered if others around me can hear, the soft swooshing noise as I pull the covers up to my nose, the softness of Mike's voice as he tells me he loves me, Boom's huge sigh as he gives into the day and peacefully goes to sleep ~~ many of these things I ignore during most days. Yet, what would it be like to not have the sense of hearing? How fortunate I am to have this sense, and yet I've taken it for granted so often. Sound is a beautiful thing, for the most part, and can be appreciated when I focus on it. I hope to learn to allow it to be reflected within my art.

As for my art, I am working on a new piece. She is an angel in flight. However, I am also inspired on a future piece, after truly listening to Rascal Flatts' song entitled "I'm Moving On." So, my angel is "suffering," and is not where I want her to be. I had hoped to use her on Christmas cards this year, so instead of putting her aside, I've been determined to move forward with her; perhaps not such a good decision. After all, I haven't even sent Christmas cards for several years. Why do I feel that I must do so this year? I suppose because I truly want to send them this year, simply to share the season with those in my life, even if only in a small way, and let them know that I think of them, and appreciate the part they share in my life. Perhaps I should simply purchase some ready-made cards, and sit Ms. Angel aside for a bit so I can move forward with the piece I am inspired to do now! What a brilliant idea, lol! I suppose I could also make some stamped cards ~~ yes!

Wishing each of you a very Happy Thanksgiving, filled with love, peace, health, and happiness!

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