Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I wanted to take a risk ~~ in using newspaper as a background, AND touch on a controversial topic, i.e., politics, in my art. Thus, meet Chance, my latest creation. She is a small girl in a huge world, wanting to believe in Obama's desires and direction for "change," but truly not convinced his idea of change is what is best for our country, our economy, and the world at large. The banner reads "Chance in Process," as opposed to what I believe Obama would be saying, "Change in Progress." Chance is not completed, but I believe this is a strong image of what she will end up looking like. I've since added some black spattered paint, and am awaiting Suzi's critique before completing, and waxing, Chance.

Most recently, I am feeling "angels" around me, and thus am planning to do an angel next. (I'm hoping these angels will help me ward off these flu-like symptoms I am feeling ~~ sore neck/back, headache, worsening cough!) I initially drew an angel, but I'm not thoroughly happy with her; I'm ready to "take the next step" and do a more realistic portrait. However, I am waiting to take the next scheduled portrait class in January (from Suzi Blu), to provide me the necesary skills to move into a more "realistic," but whimsical, approach to my art. But intuition tells me I am ready for a change, and thus I have found an "inspiration piece" for my angel ~~ a Mark Roberts' angel that I have photographed, and will attempt to use to incorporate some more realistic features . . . if not in facial details, at least in the clothing. We'll see what I come up with! (For any Mark Roberts fanatics whom may read this, we have TONS of his items at the shop!!!)

As for life, I've been preparing for our Christmas Open House at the shop (www.rivertwistshop.com), and working really hard to make the shop nice and festive for the holiday, with much help from my coworkers. I've enjoyed the process of decorating the shop this year, gathering and displaying all of the festive pieces, and truly believe it will be a good holiday season, if perhaps a more conservative one for many folks (including myself, personally). Open House is scheduled for this Fri-Sun, November 13-15, and I pray I'm not going to be sick! I will try to remember to take my camera to work, so I can post a few pics of the shop in all its festive nature.

Ooooo, yesterday at the shop was an interesting day. Not only did a neighbor come in (and spend over an hour there chatting openly~~ one whom is known in the neighborhood as a "scrooge" whom never speaks to anyone, including me!), but the neighbor and I discussed art, and a friend of his whom is an artist, and even put his friend and I on the phone together ~~ twice, lol. His friend is "Tatum," whom specializes in "folk art" pieces using 'junk' to make birdhouses and such, and whom does two successful art shows each year. Who knows what this connection holds ~~ I may get some tips on doing art shows and/or other helpful info ~~ from this fella, whom is scheduled to come into the shop later this week to see what 'junk' we have that he can use! ALSO, I had a professional photographer come in, whom has given me a great quote for photographing some of my pieces! I aspire to do some juried art and craft shows in the coming year(s), and know that I will need professional photographs of my work to submit with my applications, so this was another gathering of resources, and "sign" that I am headed in the right direction. It's SUCH a great feeling! How do I explain it? It's growth, small successes, "seeing" into my future and the possiblities that it holds and, for the first time in my life, "feeling" that I CAN be successful ~~ I CAN be something good, and 'touch' the world in a positive way! Certainly I have not reached my potential yet, and certainly my art will continue to grow, evolve, and change and, strangely (for me!), I am looking forward to these changes and growth. I am seeing positive steps taking place that will further my goal of being a successful artist! I can "feel" success coming! Albeit, I recognize the failing economy, and fear its impact on all of us. However, I am going to make success happen for me ~~ one way or another. If it's using my art to barter groceries, should the dollar collapse ~~ whatever it is, I WILL survive AND succeed! God, help us all to survive whatever is before us. And, God, please touch all those whom are overcome with sickness now. I'm not terribly religious by any stretch of the imagination. (Admittedly I've had terrible experiences within churches, and thus am NOT interested in being a member of one today, or anytime in the near future.) However, I do believe there is a God whom loves each of us deeply, and wants the best for each of us, and I pray He'll be with each of us in the coming days to protect us, nurture us, and bring each of us to a peaceful, content, and successful place in this ole world. May peace be with each of us.

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