Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Make A Difference!

Ironic, or fate?  One Artful Soul whom has made a difference in my life had a small mixed media canvas up for auction on ebay last week; the piece included the phrase "make a difference!"  With funds low, I knew I shouldn't bid on it, but I just could not resist the driving urge.  So I did . . . and won it!  It arrived safely on Saturday, and I've inspected it time and time again, finding new details each time ~~ I'm in heaven!  It inspires me to create new art and, more importantly, to Make A Difference.

Today, I ask myself, "how do I make a difference?"  For me, I believe the answer may change frequently in the days ahead ~~ but I am determined to keep this goal in the forefront of my mind and pursue it.  It may be as simple as holding the door for someone at the supermarket, showing compassion to a hurting soul, giving a piece of myself (or my art) to brighten another's day, recalling that I have a fairly easy life, and few worries, and thus can share myself more freely than many others can, and being willing to do so.  I do not have large financial resources, but I have myself, and my art!  However, today I am realizing that in order to give of myself, first I must work on removing the piece of wall that remains between myself and others.  I feel like Ronald Reagan, as he so boldly stated, "Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"  What a large acknowledgement this is!  Within my soul becoming bruised through the years, I built a wall as a defense mechanism to the hurt that came my way, mostly from family; "my wall" became my tool of survival to protect me from being hurt, but it also has kept me from sharing with others.  Through the work of years of therapy, today "my wall" is much less tall, but still a partition.  However, today my soul is healing, and thus the partition can come down!  I'm sure it won't be easy, nor a natural feeling initially, but it is the most effective way for me to Make A Difference.

I don't know where this is leading, and admittedly I'm fearful; change is never comfortable, for me.  But I look forward to finding a new way to Make a Difference.  May I share a smile, a hand, or help someone find peace and contentment, in my own unique way, today and always.

Just as an Artful Soul has Made a Difference in my life, I want to Make a Difference to others.

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