Monday, April 26, 2010

Sewing Seeds

Welcome to my blog!  I hope you will find something of interest here.  Admittedly, I am fairly new to blogging, but am growing to truly enjoy the process of sharing with others whom are potentially all over the world, learning the "blogging ropes" from you and your blogs, watching growth happen within me and through your sharing your own growth, and finding some lovely friends with beautiful blogs.  If you find something that interests you here, please leave a comment; I love to hear from you!

I lead a very simple life, but enjoy finding beauty in the smallest of things.  During the past week, I have been planting flowers at work ~~ something I was dreading even one month ago, as I know from past experience that, with planting comes many following months of maintenance in watering, weeding, dead heading, and fertilizing.  While I do not take much pleasure from weeding and watering, I love to see the flowers grow, and have learned that all the maintenance is worth the effort as it encourages growth.  So, as I began to plant last week, I was surprised to find myself engulfed in the process, and enjoying it.  Now I'm hoping The Shop (River Twist; it can be found on FB) will order more flowers for me to plant, as we are running low after last week's planting.  Here are a few pics of some of the things I created this week.
It will be fun to watch these plants grow, begin to trail, spread their wings throughout the season, and hopefully find someone to fall in love with them, and take them home!

When I arrived home from work yesterday, I took a moment in my own garden, and discovered my first iris bloom, and an azalea with blooms beginning to fade.

Most of the perennials in my garden have "a history" to them, either coming from my ancestors, or being given for a special occasion.  As they bloom, I am reminded of the occasions and/or relatives whom they came from.  The white iris came from my DH's Grandmother's home, and this azalea was a gift from me to my DH for his 30th birthday...many years ago.  The wisteria arbor (pictured in an earlier post) came to me from my Mom's garden, while she had obtained her original cutting from my Grandmother, whom obtain her cutting from my Great-Grandmother ~~ quite a legacy this beauty holds, IMHO!  Now I enjoy sharing these plants with friends who also enjoy gardening.  Each year, it seems there are perennials that need dividing, and it's a good way to share with others.  This year, I will be dividing the white irises and lambs ear ~~ if you would like some, please let me know!

As for my love of gardening, it was something I had to "grow into."  I recall, as a child, watching my Mom and Grandmother getting dirt all over their hands while doing their gardening while I was thinking, "WHY do they say they ENJOY this???"  My Grandmother would tell me that she felt closer to God while playing in her garden, and Mom would say that she found much peace and serenity while working with her flowers.  It took me many years to comprehend their sentiments about gardening.  Now I "get it," as well!  While I still hate having dirty on my hands, and especially under my nails, I've learned that I can have water readily available while planting, to wash that dirt off quickly, so I can enjoy the process!  It is amazing to see what one seed can become when sewn in the right soil, and nurtured with some TLC!

May we all find time to sew seeds and nurture them, somewhere, somehow!  Until next week, happy creating, and living, to each of you ~~ Jeanne


  1. Loved the story of your garden, Jeanne. It's even better when it has a history. I used to garden alot-but I'm so art addicted now--it just seems to consume my time-- I still do love admiring everyone's "green" talent this time of year.

  2. Diane, thank you for the comment! I totally "feel" you on the thought of being "so art addicted now" and thus not having time to garden! I do not plan to plant annuals at home this year, because of this ~~ knowing I won't take the proper time to care for them at home, and instead will be playing with my "art toys" in my down time this summer ~~ fun, fun! So I'll maintain flowers at work (and share photos with you along the way, so you can enjoy them also, I hope!), and we can play with art at home!

    Your art, (and blog!), is growing in a wonderful direction, hun, and I would love to know your technique for creating your papers; what do you use for your base ~~ anything at hand, i.e., scrapbooking paper, blank cardstock, or something else? Happy Day, sweetie ~~ Jeanne

  3. Oh my is this garden beautiful! You would not be happy seeing my sorry little flowers and plants as they are not tended to as they should be.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog and I would love to be in your blog roll. Are you doing any Suzi classes right now? I signed up but have not started. I will probably not be able to begin until summer as I have too much going on now.

    Glad to see your face this morning on my blog!


  4. Hi, Lorrie! TY for the comment! Your blog . . . and ART is gorgeous!!! I have taken Suzi's G&P class that ends May 1st, and truly enjoyed it, but admittedly I've gotten a bit distracted with other projects. However, I love her style of teaching and ability to make us truly feel like artists, and I'm SO glad I found you, and thus Suzi! Through this discovery, I feel my art has grown leaps and bounds, sweetie! TY, from the bottom of my heart! I'm currently beginning my third Goddess! Hope your kitty makes it home real soon, <3 ~~ Jeanne