Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another Day of Inspiration

Today is my day off from work, and I'm enjoying it by blog hopping from "porch" to "porch," and finding some wonderful news and inspiration.  (I prefer to think of it as porch hopping, as opposed to blog hopping, as it truly feels like I'm stepping upon other's porches to say "hi," and they are coming out to greet me and share a piece of their life, and then refer me onto their inspiring friends' porches!)

First, I have to give a shout out to Diane Salter whom was profiled this morning on  the Mixed Media Artist Blog!  I'm so proud of her!  She is a "Fellow Suzi Blu Student," (and SO much more!) whom has grown tremendously in her artistic abilities since I met her earlier this year.  She will be displaying her beautiful art pieces at the Lilac Festival beginning tomorrow in Rochester, NY; if you're in the area, please stop in and say "hi" to her.  If not in the area, please visit her "porch" and leave her a message.  Go, Diane!

I picked up two Somerset Studios publications yesterday, "Digital Studio" and "Artful Blogging" (at the request as a dear blogging soul, Lorrie Spotts, whom just happens to be the same artful soul whom introduced me to Suzi Blu, so I trusted her judgment completely when she made this last recommendation to me)."

Oh my, was this a great recommendation!!!  Both are grabbing my divided attention this morning, as I flip through a few pages, then go check out a recommended blog and/or website within the pages.  I love Somerset publications; they offer so much inspiration and many great references!  Admittedly, these are not inexpensive publications, but they are so worth the investment.  In my quick flip through "Digital Studio," I found an artist whom uses Corel Paint and Draw, with what appears to be a step-by-step guide to producing a specific piece of digital art...with this software that I purchased recently...and have yet to determine how to use it.  I hope to become focused on this article later today to see if I can learn something here to assist in my latest endeavor of digital collaging!

And, somewhere along my "porch hopping" this morning, I found another intriguing site, Big Huge Lab, where photos can be edited using some really cool techniques, such as "Andy Worhol-ish" designs, and so much more!  Note to self: turn to this site and see what you can do with its contents!

Also found in my porch hopping was a site that can convert photos into fabric!  Turn Art into Fabric.  This makes me want to quilt once again...or find a way to incorporate fabric into my art!

While browsing the first pages of "Artful Blogging," I stumbled upon an article concerning the blog of Jeanne Oliver, from Castle Rock, CO (Bushel And A Peck); this is a great blog that I've stumbled across several times now.  Her blog, and printed article, have pictures of a recent piece that she's done (and has just recently taught in Louisiana) that is inspiring me to do a "Letting Go"/"Ready to Fly" piece, ;).

And, speaking of Louisiana, I'm reminded of the oil spill off its coast, and the lives lost there . . . within the original accident, as well as those to come.  An "Intellectual Facebook Friend" (whom I've never met in person, but hope to one day) posted a link this morning to some photo shots of the spill (thanks, Richard!).  The pictures are inspiring some unique collage backgrounds.  Pictures from

While these photos speaking nothing of the lives lost within the origin of this tragedy, nor the wildlife harmed from this event (and, potentially, the human lives effected in the days ahead) ~~ all of which are things that my heart goes out to ~~ I can see that art can be created from the effects of this event that can, perhaps, memorialize the portions of this tragedy that touch my heart, and give continuing life to those lost.  Perhaps digital art, should I...or others...figure out how to use my newest software and "art supply," lol.

As to what I left behind at work, here are a few photos taken yesterday that, again, capture my favorite things in my "working world."
These pieces are my "indoor passion" at work.  They are Memory Blocks by Sid Dickens of Vancouver, BC.  I could not get a glare-free picture of the shop's (River Twist) entire collection, but you can see Sid's entire collection on his website I've linked to, above.  They are awesome pieces of art, many of which are inspired by old-world artwork and/or architecture, and are stunning in a varied collection within homes, offices, or anywhere...only limited by your imagination!  But, should I warn you ~~ the are very addictive!  One of those things in which you cannot have "just one!"  However, (hint, hint to your family and friends!), once you begin a collection, they make awesome gifts from your loved ones whom are in desperate need of a gift idea for you on those special occasions...or a gift certificate for a portion of one of these beauties!
As I believe Blogspot is attempting to tell me "you've included WAY too much information and photos in this post!," I'll end for now with this pic of The Blues Brothers (Elwood and Jake, a/k/a Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi), happy fellas that have been the backdrop for many photos of visitors at River Twist from around the globe!

Happy creating and inspiration to each of you.  May your life be filled with peace and joy that passes understanding, today and always!


  1. I had so much fun visiting your front porch blog and I learned a lot as I clicked your links for rabbit trails into more art adventures. thanks for all the info and inspiration!

  2. First of all, Jeanne, thank you so much for telling everyone about your visit to my porch--I really appreciate this and also your kind words. Just think, if there was no internet, we would never have met each other or Suzi (who's helped me alot in my art and self-confidence!)
    And second of all, THANK YOU for these links--you've done the work for us---finding these great sites. I'm really interested in the Lab one and the Fabric one too--I've bookmarked them--Thank you again!!

  3. Hi Jeanne, I had a busy week and have not had much time for the computer. It has been fun this morning as I hop around and find your mention of me...very sweet of you. How fun it is that we took a moment to get to know each other in an email/fb message, and here we are today with blogs and art and even common internet friends?!!

    I love the links you offer here. And am so glad you are enjoying Artful Blogging. I just picked up the latest copy myself.