Thursday, May 20, 2010

Traveling to Dorset, England

Today, I am "traveling" by way of pictures sent to me from a dear friend whom has left her homeland of Greece, (several years ago), to care for her Mum in Dorset, England. Dorset appears to hold an enchanting land...and a most thoughtful friend of mine, ;)...both of which I dream of visiting, in person, one day.  These gorgeous blooms were captured in Pamphill, which I believe is in southwest England.  I can only imagine the tranquility this spot holds in person, as its image is sedating, to me.  I can almost smell the fragrance of these blooms.

This is a glimpse at the rolling hills of farmland within Dorset.  Can you feel the peace offered here?  (Peace I dream of my friend having, in her current situation of caring for Mum, whom is declining in health right before her eyes.)  I can imagine setting up our art supplies in this spot, with my friend beside me, and creating some beautiful eyecandy of better days.

Another view of the farmlands in Dorset.

This beauty of nature is referred to as Durdle Door on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset.  "Durdle" is an Old English word meaning "bore" or "drill."  This is a piece of Nature's Art!  It is a hole drilled by nature through its "Portland Limestone" substrate!  The "Portland Cement," used today in much of our construction, was derived by an attempted replication of this natural material that has withstood years of nature's elements.

While viewing these images, I feel a closeness to my friend, Hettie, as if I'm able to extend my hand across "The Pond," and offer her some comfort, just as she, her thoughtfulness through the years, and her pictures, have offered to me.  My dream is to make the trip to visit her in person one day, and hold her in my arms in person, and share some beautiful moments together.  She is a very artful soul, and I dream of what we can create together one day.

Today, may we all find peace and beauty in whatever surroundings we are in the midst of.  May our surroundings inspire us to continue on, to create a better life within ourselves, and our art.  Big Hugs to Hettie, and each of you!


  1. Jeanne, these photos are breathtaking--I can't get over how beautiful these are!!

  2. OH MAN- you must go. those photographs were absolutely mind blowingly beautiful. i hope your friend finds the peace she so beautifully portrayed in her shared photos.