Monday, May 24, 2010

Daydreaming of Dorset

It's been a few weeks since I've created any art, besides cards.  Instead, I've become obsessed with blogs and magazines, and all of the inspiration therein.  I'm realizing it's time to stop and utilize some of the overflowing inspiration, and I plan to do that this week.  Although, admittedly, Marah Johnson and her posies (pic'ed on her blog) are calling me to include them on some cards!  So, if all goes well, I will have some form of artful creation to share with you soon . . . although it may be a new collection of cards that include these beautiful posies!

In the interim, I have received more beautiful pictures from Hettie in Dorset, England that she has agreed for me to share with you here.  These pictures were taken on the "Avenue of Trees" leading to Badbury Rings.  Beautiful views!

Badbury Rings is an Iron Age Hill Fort dating back to 800BC.  The trees lining the road are Humongous Beech Trees ~~ aren't they gorgeous?

Then I went on an expedition in an attempt to find something from my local area's landscape to share with you, and Hettie.  Admittedly, nothing in my local area of the eastern United States compares to Dorset.  However, what used to be the "Furniture Capital of the World" and a leading area of production of hosiery is located in my neighboring city (High Point, NC).  I say "used to be" because now High Point is simply a "distribution center" for furniture that is mostly made in China today, and all of the hosiery manufacturing plants have moved elsewhere also.  However, back in High Point's prime, a 20-foot-tall Chest of Drawers was erected within the city, and is the most remarkable thing within my local landscape, pictured below.

Where have your travels, and daydreams, taken you recently?  Hopefully they are happy places with beautiful memories.

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  1. Now how cool is that?!
    These photos of England remind me of a past era-I want to be there!!