Monday, July 12, 2010

Big Girl's Journal

I have a friend whom I don't get to see these days; we used to work together, and today we stay in contact via Facebook. What would we do without Facebook today? My friend has a daughter whom just turned 5 years old, and she is always saying the funniest things that her Mom shares on Facebook. My friend always refers to her daughter as "Big Girl," and truly I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know Big Girl's real name, :(.  In fact, the last time I saw my friend was at her baby shower; it was a very special occasion, as she got married in her mid-thirties, and is one of those people that we NEVER imagined would have children.  So I, and many others, were SO happy for her, and truly excited to see how she would manage motherhood.  She is doing a wonderful job with Big Girl, and while I have not met Big Girl yet, I sense that she is sooo much like her Mom, simply because of the comical things that come from her mouth, at only five years old.

So, I chose to do a journal including some of Big Girl's sayings.  This is truly a fun project that is going so fast ~~ Big Girl has provided the inspiration, with her words, and the pages are flowing quickly.  Here are the first nine pages of Big Girl's Journal, and I hope you'll enjoy them, and their "juvenile" style.

This last page (below) isn't quite finished yet, (I still have to complete the words in the comment bubble), but it's such a cute saying that I couldn't help but share it now.


  1. This is awesome, it's so classic and these pages would make such great little prints in a little girls bathroom or bedroom. They are awesome!!

  2. hahaha i love those Big Girl sayings ! I especially love "I want to be Pegasus when I grow up". I like this wish of her.. how beautiful is that ! Her poop stinkier than her Daddy's knock me out LOL

  3. hello jeanne :)
    thank you so much for leaving such a lovely comment at my blog! i am so touched :) and thank you for adding me to your fav :)

    i can imagine the things that big girl would say :) i have a 5 year old too and my gosh ... we dunno where she learns things from. she surprises us everyday... we couldn't say stuff like that when we were 5 ... we didn't really talk when we were 5! LOL!

    anyhow, hope to see you again!
    luthien :)

  4. Oh my goodness--I see a series of cards here--only a child could come up with these lines--love em!

  5. Jeanne;
    These are super cute! I love the things that little ones say! Some of the things I remember about my sons when they were little are; (Josh) "Mommy, who turned off the sun?" (said when the sun went down).
    (Ben) (As he was listening to my CD walkman on a road trip at age 4) "Mommy, who am I listening to? (Mommy) UB40 Ben. (Ben) "No mommy, I be 4!)
    My nephew when he was young looks at my oldest sister Kathy and says, "Auntie Kathy, why do you have a spider on your chin?" as he looked at the mole on her chin that had hairs growing out of it!
    Then another time he says? "Auntie Kathy, why do you have a bum on your chest?" as he looked while Auntie Kathy bent over to get something and her cleavage showed. LOL!
    Kids say the darndest things!
    Hugs to you Jeanne.

  6. Hello! it's so nice that you stopped in to see I'm here and also following you!

    I love these pages! what a sweet little idea...i should have recorded what my 'big girl' has said over the years! what a wonderful idea!

    have a great day!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  7. Thank you all for your thoughtful, encouraging comments! Big Girl's Journal is, most likely, the most inspired project I've worked on lately, and I'm happy to see the ideas from you related to it, and the comical comments of your children, ;)!

    Kelly, you could create an awesome line of products with your children's sayings ~~ so funny!

    Luthien, no I don't recall being allowed to say much when I was 5 either, lol.

    I'm so happy to have each of you joining me here, on my "front porch" ~~ a "chair with your name on it" will always be here, and hope you will continue to share in this great experience with me, [big happy smile]! What in the world was life like before blogging??? I'm so happy to have friends here with similar interests.

  8. Jeanne, thanks so much for the kind comments you left on my blog. I loved reading your "Big Girl" pages. I hope you are sharing these with your friend. She must love them. I'm glad you found my blog. I hope to visit yours more often as well.

  9. Jeanne, these are ADORABLE!!! I absolutely adore the way you write! You've got those kid-isms down...they crack me up :D :D

  10. These are really delightful and such a great way to save the curious and wonderful sayings of children and grandchildren.!