Monday, July 19, 2010

Inspired by Rebecca!

I didnt' so her justice, ... but I just HAD to try a face similar to Rebecca Anthony's (sorry, but I can't get my "Link" feature to work, but her blog is and she has some AWESOME art!  Please check her blog out, if you haven't already!

I LOVE Peacock feathers, and wanted to make a "mask" of them on this girl.  Perhaps I rushed her a bit, as time was getting away from me, as my DH went to bed without me hours ago, but I wanted desperately to complete her tonite.  I would have liked for her to have red lips, and journaling in the bottom left corner . . . but no time for that tonite.  Perhaps I could have done Rebecca's technique more justice had I had more time . . . but maybe next time, Rebecca.  I truly hope you approve of this attempt!  I love her, so far!  Perhaps I will post a "completion" pic of her later.

Happy Week, and Creating to each of you!   Thank you, each of you, for viewing my silly blog.  I truly appreciate each of you stopping by, and hope you'll come back again soon, :-)! xoxo


  1. Yes, Rebecca will love it. Rebecca, see how you inspire us? But I love the way you made it your own with the peacock feathers and that one eye peeking out!
    P.S. Don't call your blog silly ! :)

  2. Oh Jeanne, it's wonderful!! I absolutely love peacock feathers as well. They are gorgeous on her, you have serious talent my friend!!

  3. Feathers are beautiful! Great journal page.

  4. Oh, my mom! Your inspired by my mom. That is awesome and I love it.

  5. I am behind in blogging, so you had a lot of things to see and read, Reading about your eye injury again and the reaction, I really was uncomfortable in public after the dentist broke some blood vessels in my face and then the looks from the public,people I didn't know. It was the needle for the numbing that broke the blood vessels.

    I like your journal pages also, Rebecca is a inspiration for certain, I was looking at some artful papers yesterday and thinking of a face on them.

    Enjoyed the info about your transfers also.

  6. Jeanne;
    You did a fabulous job! I LOVE peacock feathers too - they are so beautiful and full of gorgeous colors and shimmer! I LOVE this mask! Beautiful. I think Rebecca has started a trend! I LOVE her site also and her Daisy Dolls!

  7. I do that husband leaves me to my art and I'll be up for hours....into the wee hours of the morning...!

    but we all need to do what moves us!!!!

    Love the peacock feathers...and I do hope you'll post your finished results!

    I love visiting Rebecca..she's so whimsically inspiring!

    Ahhh the bliss of sharing here in blogland can't be beat!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  8. This is so cool!! I love that we can only see the one eye!! Please post when finished!! She is lookin' Good!!