Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Friday!

I'm having so much fun with my journal, so here are a few more pages from yesterday.  I love the frog, above.  However, as my DH said, the "lily pad" on the right page looks like an oak leaf, lol.  This is what happens when I let go and leave my hands to create without my brain stressing over it; and I like it!  The circular message on the left says "Besides enjoying the journey, I have only 1 thing to share...make sure there is a lily pad ahead before jumping!"  So, perhaps the "oak leaf" is saying, "sometimes things aren't what you think they are; check to make sure it's a lily pad before jumping!"

The background is my new water soluble oil pastels smoothed out with a baby wipe, as recommended by Rita ~~ love this technique!
On this page, I tried to use a leaf and do a "rub" effect, with the leaf placed under the right page, and then rubbing the right page with the pastels...but it didn't work.  I suppose the Moleskine sketchbook paper is too thick to allow the leaf texture to come through with the rubbing...SO I improvised and drew my own leaf and veins!  Again this background is the pastels baby wiped...and then Glimmer Misted on top ~~ love me some Glimmer Mist!

I love this page, but I smeared her lipstick.  The life of an impatient artist, ahh.  I used Gelly Roll pens on her lips and proceeded to lay my hand on them before they were dry, argh. Oh well, otherwise, she's a peaceful soul.  Again here I used the pastels and baby wiped them for the background, as well as the skin and hair.  Still have to complete the white high lites on the words.

This is SO fun!  But I have A Question for Others Whom Use Water Soluble Oil Pastels ~~ What type of pens do you use over them???  I'm going thru black Sharpies (Fine and Ultra Fine) like crazy, lol!  The regular Sharpie is working...for now, but surely there are pens made for this purpose, right?  Any suggestions you may have to share will be very appreciated!

So, it's back to work today and tomorrow, for me.  We will have the 4th of July Parade in Jamestown tomorrow, and lots of families with children in town, and wondering through the shops.  Typically, many of them come in simply to use our restroom, so I'll make sure we're stocked up on tissue, lol.  Okay, I'll get on my soap box for a second and ask you to please support your local retailers ~~ so many are suffering terribly, and will have no choice but to close without your support.  Show them some love, if at all possible, ;).

I hope many of you here in the States have a long weekend off from work, with festive events planned with family and friends.  For those of you overseas, do you have similar holidays (to the US Independence Day)?  An American 4th of July (Independence Day) typically includes a few small town parades, grilling out hamburgers, hot dogs and such with family and friends, watermelon for dessert, and then viewing the local town's fireworks display...with plenty of red, white and blue worn and displayed throughout town.  Wonder how the watermelon tradition originated?  Hmm.  Or is that only a "southern" thing?

Wishing each of you a safe, happy, creative weekend!


  1. Oh Jeanne, you're on a roll--love these pages! I'm not really experienced with the oil pastels--so sorry I can't help, but when I was in New York, I went to a stamp store--there had to be thousands there--for real, but anyway, I bought some Glimmer Mist. I've never used it before--any good tips?

  2. Hiya,
    I love your journalling, it's something I want to make myself motivated enough to do regularly. I need to find more inspiration/motivation to do so... you are inspiring me. As for the pens, I use a sakura black glaze pen over my paintings - works a treat.. they do run out quick if you use them a lot though. My fave pen!!
    Thank you for your kind heartfelt words on my blog - I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and openness. You described the loss of my Mum perfectly! You have given me comfort and I would love to hear about your dream too - you can pm email me on anytime sweetie!
    Take care and keep creating xo

  3. Wow! Really great journal pages! I know it is hard to write over some things with markers... I like to use Sharpie POster Paint pens, or I have even used Woodmarker pens too. Other times I will simply use sharpie pens.