Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Play Day!

So, I've got a doctor's appointment this afternoon that I have to rush off to after posting this, but I've had sooo much fun playing in my journal today, and I couldn't help myself from sharing with you!  (So what if I'm a few minutes late for my appt., right?  Normally, we have to wait on the doctor anyway, ;].)  I just love this page, ;)!  She's me, with a twist ~~ totally gray-haired, instead of "salt and peppered," learning how to "don't worry, be happy!"  Okay, so I don't wear my hair in a bun, lol, but still ~~ she's aging and HAPPY!  I just love her.

Okay, so this journal page isn't as good, but it was still fun!  I love my flowers, and enjoyed creating the images on the page digitally...if I can say that, using Photoscape (and then printing them to add here).  Not the best page, but fun still, and I got to include some newly altered photos with some info about my garden.  I'm happy!

Hoping each of you are having a happy day also, finding something to smile about, or someone to share happy moments with!  Wishing you days ahead filled with cooler temps (Gawd, It's Been HOT here!),  much blissfulness, and wild creativity!


  1. These are great pages. Art journals are the best!! OMG that first page is seriously to die for..........look at all those beautiful swirls and the colors are perfection. I want more, I want to sit and flip though. Really cool pages Jeanne!!

  2. They are gorgous! Beautiful, colorful and have fun written all over.

  3. Beautiful journal work and outstanding lettering! I look forward to many return visits to your lovely blog.

  4. I love, love love this page. I found that you can just keep staring at it and find more and more gems everywhere. I love the creative stuff you did with her eye like her happiness just spreads out like a happy vine into everything she sees. I'm glad you see her as a self-portrait because she is an adorable drawing just like you!