Monday, June 28, 2010

New Toys!

Okay, so on my latest "internet travels" I've found lots of informative blogs and sites with tips and ideas for artful journaling and mixed media.  I've collected a list of "New Toys Needed," while my niece tells me my DH would have heart failure if he knew the monetary value of my current supply of "toys."  But a girl can never have too many toys, right???

While the latest edition of "Art Journaling" is at the top of my current Needed List, I've not been successful in finding it locally.  (I know it's not due in stores until July 1st, but I've seen national sites online that already have it, and I want it NOW, lol!  Yes, I'm a bit impatient when it comes to my art supplies and inspiration, ;-].)  So, I decided to hold out a few more days to see if the magazine arrives locally ~~ if not, I'm ordering it online!
On a tight budget while saving for a trip to CHA in July ~~ yaaa (can't wait!) ~~ I'm trying my best to limit my purchases to one ... or two ... "toys" per week.  So I moved passed the magazine, and purchased the second item on my List ~~ Water Soluble Oil Pastels!  I found these at Staples for $11, and really want the Caran d'Ache Neopastels, but convinced myself that I could start with the Portfolio set .... so I can get that magazine should it become available locally within the week, lol!

I already had a "background" journal page prepped, and decided to experiment with the pastels here.
The butterflies and flowers were created with the pastels...over the Adirondack Ink'ed background.  I LOVE their smooth, creamy quality, and can't wait to experiment with these on a blank, un-inked page!  Love this newest pack of toys...and they will keep me entertained for a few more days, while I wait for "Art Journaling" to arrive!

I mentioned several posts ago that I had created three canvases that weren't photographed at that point.  Here is one of them; I've since given another one of them away, and want to embellish the last one a bit more before photographing it.
I love the colors within this piece.  Currently, this is my favorite color palette.

Lastly, I'll share a few more journaling pages, some done weeks ago, and others more recently.
These pages are nothing spectacular, but were created to inspire me to continuing "Growing with Wild Wings of Abandonment," in hopes that we will all be "Free...[and receive] a Pair of Wings to Carry Us to Happiness," and to remind me that "Happiness is Simply a Direction to Success!"

Here's wishing each of you a pair of wings to carry you to much happiness, success and growth!  May we all find peace that surpasses understanding today and always, through creativity, love, and sharing!


  1. Girl! CHA!! I'm so jealous! let me know if you want someone to tag along...I'll even carry your stuff for you! Miss you and would love to get together sometime!

  2. These pages are amazing!!! I am in love with the butterfly pages OMG SO beautiful!!

  3. Oh My! I love what you are doing. I have not tried these oil pastels, very tempting as I see them here. My rule is no new supplies during summer. It is quite hard to stick to it though.

    I am wanting to start an art journal too. You have really inspired me here to get going on it.

    CHA will be so fun! Are you taking classes?

  4. Great work, I love seeing what you are working on..have you tried water color crayons yet..they are so fun also!
    Love your art journal..

  5. Your pages are marvelous. I have the Neocolor II and Reeves watersoluble and like them both. Of course Neocolor are smoother but the inexpensive Reeves work pretty good. Also, I found that smooshing them with a Huggies Wipe works wonders.

    I went looking for art journaling today too. It wasn't here either. I even had the guy go check the carts for me. sigh I'll look tomorrow. Can't wait.

  6. Canvas and pages are beautiful! I have Neocolor 2 as well. Love them. Wish I used them more then I do though. :)

  7. CHANDRA, great to see you here; I miss you, girlfriend! We truly need to get together to "play" real soon.

    REBECCA, you are too kind [blushing]; the butterfly is something I wasn't thrilled with, but a quick way to play with my toys. Your art amazes me, and is one of my main "benchmarks" to reaching for great art in my own work.

    LORRIE, if only I had your restraint! I'll be a bad influence and recommend you get going on a journal ~~ it is SO fun, and a great way to experiment with new toys and ideas without the fear of messing up a "real" piece ;).

    CONNIE, no I haven't tried watercolor crayons; is there a brand you can recommend? I'll be adding them to my "Toys Needed List" that continues to grow longer by the day, lol. It's so great to hear from you!

    RITA, thank you so much for your tips and suggestions; I just left your blog where I received even more great ideas that I'll haveta try soon!

    NATASHA, thank you for your lovely comment, and yes, a large set of Neocolor 2 is still on my "List" . . . or, more realistic, a few of my favorite colors of Neocolor 2!

    Happy Day and Creating to each of you! Thank you so much for your posts!!! It makes my heart sing to see you visiting my "porch," ;]!

  8. jeanne,
    the water color crayons I use are
    neocolor II caran d'arche
    they aren't cheap...but last along time.. you can buy them by color or in a set...

  9. Thanks, Connie! They are on my list, ;)!

  10. These are awesome journal pages ! I love them so much =) Just dropping by from Rebecca's blog ;)