Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Flag Day & Art Journal

Sending out wishes for a Happy Flag Day to each of you...and a Happy 29th Birthday to my niece, ;).  May we all remember what the foundations of our countries are, and respect them, and every countries' flag.

Well, after reading about, and viewing so many art journals...I finally broke out my Moleskine and got busy with it, beginning approximately three weeks ago.  I purchased a Moleskine last year at the request of Suzi Blu, upon taking my first online class.  However, the blank pages were so soft and pure that I hated to "mess them up."  Last October, I did sketch a witch in the journal, but I couldn't even bring myself to add color to her, afraid I would mess her up ~~ if you have begun an art journal, I believe you know the feeling.  Another factor that I did not previously understand was the "why" in art journaling, as journaling cannot be sold, given away, or displayed on a wall.  It's simply a book!  I just didn't get the need to journal...until a sweet client loaned me her recent copy of Stampington's Art Journaling magazine...and the rest is history!

My witch has finally come to life!  The background here is inked with Adirondack ink, misted with Glimmer Mist, the background swirl is a Tattered Angel screen that was Glimmer Misted, and then I used water color paints on the witch and pumpkin ~~ what fun!

After reading and viewing every inch of the borrowed Art Journaling magazine, I got the "Journaling Bug," and cannot wait for the next publication of this great magazine to arrive in stores!  Viewing the inspiring works within the pages of Art Journaling, I finally thought, "okay, so what if I mess up my Moleskine ~~ no one will ever have to see it, and what a great way to try out new techniques, put my crazy thoughts and ideas on paper, and follow my growth in art and life!"

I will spare you my first spread, as it looked like something a grammar school student could have done ~~ but it was fun!  I felt like a child playing with her coloring books and crayons again!  So I moved forward, doing several background pages, and began toting my journal with me daily.  Now in my third week of journaling, I have some pages that I will share with you here:
I did this page yesterday, and she was alot of fun to create.  This is my version of a Traci Bautista girl, and I love her...and hope to take a class with Traci one day soon!  I used Pitt Pens to sketch the girl, her hair and a few of the flowers, charcoal pencil to shade her, Prismacolor pencils on her facial features and the hand-drawn flowers in her hair, Adirondack ink for the background, and an entire sheet of rub-ons!
I love this digital pic found in the current publication of Stampington's Digital Studio, and wanted to incorporate it into my journal...for future inspiration (and a reminder to self that I need to learn how to use my digital editing software, lol).  I painted the background of this spread with watered-down acrylic paint not knowing what was going on this page (if I did it again, I would have used a different color), used water color paints on the page border, Sakura pens to journal, a hand-cut stencil and spray paint, book text for the body, die-cut/punched flowers, and a piece of ribbon down the edge of the left page.

I was simply having fun here, and I had a blast with the hand-cut stencils and spray paint ~~ so much fun!  I'm thrilled with the effect of Glimmer Mist on the pages, although its shimmer doesn't show up in these pics.

So, now I'm becoming an "Art Journaling Addict," and loving every minute of it!  Of course, I'm asking myself, "why haven't I tried this earlier???"  My Moleskine is becoming my new BFF, lol.  While it is a terrific way to express myself, try new mediums and new techniques while not worrying about ruining a canvas or a board, it is also a great way for me to eventually form my own style, and watch my growth unfold over time.

Now I want to take a class with Traci Bautista and Pam Carriker!  If you have taken a great journaling class, that you could recommend, please share your experience with me.  I love hearing from you, and learning from your experiences!

Wishing each of you a great week ahead, and much creative inspiration!  Happy Creating!


  1. These pages make me want to journal too!! I'm like you were--afraid to mess it up. In the winter when I was taking Suzi's class, I did some pages--didn't like them, but I like to go back and see how I've progressed. I really like the Traci Bautista one that you did. I love her art,and I want to take a class from her too. Are you familiar with the Art Journaling ning site?--it's free. Let me know if you need the link.

  2. Your pages are AWESOME!! you have really taken off! I ordered me an ARt Journal magazine based on your recommendations and how much that I can see it inspiring your work.

  3. Oh, "Odd Chick," I am so happy [can you see my smile???] that you've gotten 'The Art Journaling Bug' also, and hope your Stampington Art Journaling magazine will arrive really you, too, can be inspired to begin this awesome journey...with me! It's soooo much fun! My niece and great-niece are coming over tomorrow to play with my toys, and I've purchased journals for each of them to begin their art journaling "journey" also, and only hope they ~~ and YOU ~~ will enjoy it as much as I am, ;0)). Happy Creating, Babe!

  4. love your journal pages...great inspirations from you! hope to see more of your entries soon! thanks for dropping by my blog...

  5. Please can you tell me which Moleskin you are using as it looks like the fine paper, but you have colourful double page spreads and ink goes through this paper. Are you using a primer or blank page? Are you using the fine or watercolour paper? Thanks