Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh my, ... so I've been journaling more ~~ what more can I say, lol!  What fun is this???  Gawd, I keep asking myself, "why didn't I began art journaling sooner?"  The journaled words here say, "No matter the Scars [cuz my girl got a scar on her face during the process of creation, lol] or Circumstances, Just Continue to GO WITH THE Conserves Energy," then, in black Gelly Roll, further into the piece, "Put a Flower in Your Hair and Rock On!"  I love this process and piece!  This process is so freeing, and "happy-go-lucky!"  No mistakes, no worries, no stress ~~ just happiness, and artsiness!  For example, I made a mess of the paper on this chickie's face, and turned it into a piece of journal art, with journaling to go along with it!  My good friend, Jan, told me yesterday, "this [my first journaled girl from the previous post] would make a great card!  So perhaps some of my journaling will make "history" somewhere ~~ who knows?
Thank you so much for your comment, "Odd Chick!"  I hope you find as much bliss in the Artful Journaling magazine and journaling as I am finding, ;)!  This is just total bliss for me ~~ no canvases to mess up, no mistakes to make, nothing to worry about ~~ just have fun and don't worry about the outcome because it's not 'permanent,' or 'seeable' by others...unless you want to share it!  What more could we ask for as, as "artists in waiting?"  So much fun, and no stress!
This is a "Tree Of Life" I did after seeing (being inspired by) Pam Carriker's striped tree ~~ mine's a zebra-print tree, as I love animal prints.  I love it..and this may inspire a "real" piece of art.
Tomorrow, my niece and great-niece are supposed to come over to "play" with me...and you have one guess as to what we'll be playing with, lol!  I've purchased Moleskine Sketchbooks for each of them, as well as a pack of Gelly Roll pens, some acrylic paints, stamp pads, glue sticks, and Lord knows what I'll give up from my artsy stash!  I'm so looking forward to having company to journal with! . . . I only hope they will end up enjoying this process as much as I am, currently!  [My niece suddenly lost her Dad last week (55?-yrs-old), and my great-niece lost her Papa, and they lost their Mom/Nana is 2004, so I kinda figure this may be good therapy for them, also...and something we can all have in common, more importantly!]
My 8-year-old great-niece loves art, I think as much as I do, and I'm sooo hoping she'll "get" the jouraling bug as much as I have already capture it, hehehe, ;).  Here are some of my favorite "Refrigerator Art Pieces" by her that mean the world to me, from a year or so ago, ;).
Artist: Truely Talented Taylor Truell!  What more can I say?  You think she can do journaling, ;)???


  1. I love your journal pages - they are wonderful! It is always fun to have someone to journal with and it sounds like your nieces could use the fun too - I'm so sorry for their loss, and yours too.
    My niece is coming this summer and I can't wait to journal and art with her too! Have fun.

  2. Your art journaling is awesome!!
    Can't wait to come back!

  3. oh i love your pages. my fave is the lettering and doddling. love the doodled eye.
    nice to find you.

  4. Wow, I just love your journal pages. I too have recently discovered journaling and I am kind of obsessed myself. It's so much fun! I love they way you wrote the words in the hair and the heart on the face was meant to be, it looks fabulous! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your comments. I'm glad you did because now I have found you to(O: