Friday, June 25, 2010

Another Crazy Week

Hello fellow bloggers! Hope all is well for each of you. I'm having another crazy week, but I did get a chance to create the beginning of a new project yesterday, ;). I purchased Alisa Burke's book "Canvas Remix" some time ago, and have been wanting to try some of her techniques . . . and yesterday seemed the perfect day to do so.  I chose to work on two 14" squares at the same time.  The pic above is one of the canvases I began yesterday.  My intentions are to add a butterfly ...or two, or the bottom right corner and then mount it on stretcher bars to create a gallery style canvas!  (However, that will require some assistance from DH in cutting the stretcher bars and assembling them.)

This is the second canvas.  This was my first attempt at "Graffiti Art," and I totally enjoyed the free, "thoughtless" process in creating this piece.  Ironically, the words written in the background say "Live life free.  Enjoy it, laugh of-ten, love much, and share whenever possible."  The yellow ochre Chinese characters in the foreground say "Home, Welcome Home."  (Or, is it Welcome Home, Welcome, lol?)

This is what I was creating when I received a text message from a friend whom lives beside of me stating that her 36-year-old son had just passed away.  The ironic part of this is that I had no idea he was dying as it was very sudden, and unexpected.  And this is exactly what he did ~~ lived life freely, enjoying it, laughing often, loving much, and sharing whenever possible.  I believe this piece was simply meant to be just as it is, and words that I need to apply to my life, everyday.  Perhaps Tito's angel inspired me to do this piece; I like to think so.  May he rest in peace, and may we all live life freely, acknowledging that today may be our last one on this earth.

Wishing each of you a beautiful day, filled with much love, happiness and creativity.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that sad news. This piece is that much more special because of it's irony. I love the graffiti look and the freedom that goes into creating it. Some of my favorite pieces were the ones that took the least amount of time. Beautiful work!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear of your friend's son's passing. So many things like the words on your canvas coinciding with his death happen, and we miss them because we're not paying attention. It's very special when we can interpret a message like that.

    Both canvases are beautiful!

  3. Love these pieces Jeanne--and isn't it weird how life can mix with art like this. What a terrible tragedy--I can't even imagine.