Thursday, June 10, 2010


The wild and craziness of these lilies and sweet peas mingling together express perfectly what my recent days have been like.  While I love these colors mixed together, my "anal retentiveness" wants to "fix" them into neat little, separate plants, growing peacefully, with plenty of room to spread among themselves.  But that's not how life is, and strangely for me, I see the beauty in this "wild and craziness" today that I've never before seen.  Sometimes we have to get "down and dirty" to make the best of the moment, and help support those closest to us.  I'm adjusting, and learning how to do this today.

While they haven't been the best of times, I'm reaching new heights and discovering new ways to reach out and find the light in the moment.

...and realizing that life is on its way to being simple again.  In the interim, I have made the best of it, and done all that I could to support the lives around me, and be all that I can be in today.  I'm finding it true that difficult times bring us closer together, and help us to move past all the things we previously had thought were "big."  I can only imagine that we, as individual souls, grow more during trials than at any other time, I suppose because we are forced to do so.  Thankfully, today, I feel I am growing in a positive direction, learning some important life lessons, and discovering new ways to support those around me.

Among all this, I have found a great photo editing software (FREE!) online.  If you're in need of such, check it out.  Photoscape.  It has several features available for easy use; I love the backlighting and frames ~~ can you tell?

As for my art, I actually escaped from life for a bit on Sunday, and completed three mixed media canvases, but haven't photographed them...yet.  I'll try to do so, and get them posted soon.  In the interim, I hope this finds you doing well, enjoying life, finding the beauty in each moment, and sharing it with those around you.  Happy Creating and Living!


  1. Sounds like you have some craziness going on--hope all is well.
    You do know how to take wonderful photos!!

  2. All is well, thanks, Diane. A recent sudden death of my niece's father, leaving her without either parent at 28 yrs young, but it's all good. A tremendous learning experience, no doubt. As for my photos, I use an expensive digital camera ~~ Kodak ~~ but I'm finding editing is the ticket, ;). Hope all is well with you!

  3. ...that was supposed to be INexpensive camera ~~~ sorry!

  4. There are few things that are more lovely than an overgrown garden of flowers!!