Friday, July 9, 2010

More Journal Love and...

Okay, not yet finished, but here's the back side of my "Cutting Edge" journal page.  I'm a bit disappointed in it, but I will work it time, ;).
And, most importantly, I'm excited to show you what the mailman brought me yesterday!  This picture does NOT do justice, because these are GORGEOUS postcards...from Rebecca Anthony!

I can't wait for a special occasion to share these beauties!

A funny story, that I hope others can find humor in, as I 90-lb Lab, Boomer, and my 50-lb Lab Gracie were playing with a squeeky toy last nite in the back yard, and I wanted to get in on it too!  So I grabbed one end of the squeeky toy, while Gracie had the other end, and suddenly Boomer entered the picture and head-butted me between my temple and cheek bone...and left me with a nice shiner of a black eye, lol.  Oh, the love and joy of owning friendly doggies.  They just love to play, and I should have known better than to get in the middle of their play time ... but I couldn't resist!  So, ... today I will tell all inquiring minds that question my nice shiner of a black eye that my DH beats me, hehehe ... and see what kind of responses I get, lol!  Anyone that knows us, will KNOW that DH would never hit me ... and others, well, we'll see!

Wishing each of you a blissful weekend filled with Creativity!


  1. That's hysterical!! BUT so sorry you now have a shiner)O: Tooooo funny. O.k. Jeanne, I have to thank you. You set me in the right direction lavender wrapping and all and I got myself a Moleskin Journal. It's PERFECT!!!! Where have I been? That's going to be my next post because seriously I am a 38 year old artist that has never had a Moleskin journal?!?! Crazy I am but SO happy I found you to show me the ropes(O: Thanks for the display of your postcards. Your the best!!!

  2. Oh and one other thing.....your cutting edge journal pages ROCK!

  3. oh the black eye... oh no... rub some raw eggs??
    your dogs must be charming ;)
    lovely journal page !

  4. Love your work and what you're creating, so happy to have found your blog! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on mine and for stopping by!

  5. Came by to see your journal and read all things that apply to me which is many, Gives me a lift for sure.

    Yes people will look at your eye and some will look away quickly because they don't know, and then say that you got it from your dog and they will think you have a boxer.

  6. I love your page about the Rose Colored Glasses! We all have the power to change our mindsets, and what a great reminder and remedy page this is! I hope your shiner doesn't last too long!! Yep, dogs will be dogs! They just don't know how strong they are!

  7. love your Journal pages!! and your quotes as well, thank you so much for your nice comment on my work, you make my day! :) Hugs: Ady

  8. Hi Jeannie! Your art journal is beautiful! I love this page especially! Sorry about your black eye, though it is a funny story, and funnier with added embellishments! Thanks for your birthday wishes too friend, it was such a nice thing to wake up to!


  9. Jeanne;
    I like this page! I really love the curved edge at the top and the lettering is also beautiful.
    I just ordered my postcards from Rebecca Anthony and I can't wait to see them. She has been such an inspiration to me and I am working on more faces to play with too.
    You poor girl! I love playing with my dog but she could never give me a black eye because she is only 7 pounds. It must be fun to play with the bigger dogs though - fun and dangerous lol. Sorry, but your story is very funny! God bless

  10. Thank you, Rebecca and all, for your sweet, thoughtful comments ~~ they truly make my days glow with happiness, ;).

    Regina, I would have never thought to raw eggs on a black eye; thanks for the case it happens again, :). It appears to be healing nicely...although my friend's husband, whom is going to CHA with us next weekend, and whom has been on vacation for the last week, saw me for the first time yesterday, and said, "Oh chit, I hope it's healed before we leave for CHA, 'cause I'm not sure I want to go with you looking like that," lol! Admittedly, I have gotten some funny looks and questionable expressions...but if they only knew my doggie, ;). Enough about that.

    Rebecca, Eden, Kelly, "Ms. Spotts," Emelie, Plumrose, Kelly, Adriana, Kelly, Regina, so happy to hear from each of you!!!! You've made my week so much brighter by sharing with me, hear on "my front porch!" Hope each of you, and others, will feel welcome here...anytime. The door is always open!

    K, I'm determining I could literally write a book in response to each of your comments...and I'll save you that experience, hehehe. But please know that each one of you make me smile each time I see you here...and on your own blog posts. I'm sooo enjoying blogland, and am thrilled we have hopped on the blog train with each of you, and can't wait to see what you have to share with me next, on your blogs...and your comments here! Happy Day, and Creating!!!! xoxo