Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blessings & Bliss

What better day to have pot roast.  I am enjoying the the fact that I have a pot roast cooking, and thus have more time to play on my day OFF from work!  Less preparation, and more time for PLAYING!  Not to mention, I love roast ... and so does DH, ;)!

Okay, so I'm TRYING to get out of my current realm of cutsie Big Girl journal pages (for a day or so) I'm trying something different today ~~ with no intensive purposes ~~ other than trying something different in the "mixed media" realm, and determining if there is a purpose for "this something new" in my artsy world!  I always LOVE trying something different, and look to your blogs and other informative sources for such inspiration and ideas daily! Hey, I'll try least once!

So I've read ALOT about photo transfers and thought, "well, I'll try them one day."  Well, today was the day!  I found this awesome tip (somewhere, a couple of weeks ago, and I'm sorry that I can't recall where)-;) about using Packing Tape as the transfer medium, and thought I'd like to try it, as it seemed simple, with supplies I had on hand, and "no hassle" . . . and BEST of all IT WORKED . . . (somewhat; see NOTE below)!!!

These are the photos I started with, admittedly photographed after using them for the transfer imaging, and courtesy of, an awesome blog that offers free images almost daily!... and another awesome blog from a blogger in my home-state whom offers a great blog!

Okay, and here are the results!  These are pieces of packing tape only laid upon white printer paper here, with the photos transferred upon them!!!  I have NO IDEA what I'm going to do with them, but they are luscious and precious!  And, the best part, I didn't have to do any "scrubbing" to uncover the images, as the instructions stated...after soaking for less than five minutes in warm water, they simply "peeled" apart all on their own, and left me with these lovely images to put on something in the future!

NOTE: since this original post, Diane has mentioned that this process does not work with inkjet images, but WILL work with magazine images!  (I'm thinking that the images here will "disappear" once I apply a medium to them in order to adhere them to a substrate, ;( ~~ so these may end up taped in my journal.)
I always LOVE tutorials, and I'm not good with supplying them  . . . but I'm gonna try!

(1) Print your image on a inkjet printer (a "cheap" printer; mine is an old Epson).

(2) apply packing tape to the front of the image (the "right side")

(3) soak in 'warm' water ~~ I really don't think it matters the temp, just rotate it a time or two, and try to keep your image as "flat" in the water as possible, but truly I don't even think this part is important

(4) the instructions said to pull the image transfer out of the water and "scrub the paper off of it" but, for me, luckily, the paper came off all on its own within the water...before I even pull then out of the water!

If your happen to try this, please let me know if it works as well for you . . . and what you plan to do with them!

As for my "children" (a/k/a "doggies") and the experience of the black eye resulting from our playing last week . . . I'll simply say that the black eye has made for a very interesting week!  I had LOTS of interesting conversations from it, mostly at work, at the gift/garden shop, with many wondering eyes and a few inquiring minds.  It seems that MOST people naturally assume that it was caused by "domestic abuse," and few will inquire about it, or believe that "my dog did it," lol!  It has truly given me a new perspective on the life of one whom suffers with real domestic abuse, and the grief that victims of domestic abuse suffer, even outside of the abuse itself...but more profoundly by observers.  I can only imagine today, that the more profound affect of "real" domestic abuse comes from outsiders, and their assumptions. What a sad revelation; that the public may affect them, potentially, more than the abuser him/herself.

And, now for a few pictures of my "children" whom are my loves/"abusers"!  The black one, Boomer, is the LOVE that gave me the black eye last week, lol.  The white one, Gracie, is the cause of Boomer's actions that gave me the black eye last week, lol!  They are both the best children my DH and I could image (and our only children, mind you ... and TOTALLY SPOILED ROTTEN), and the love of our lives, :)!
How could such a sweet innocent thing cause any pain and/or injury???  He's precious!

Now, Gracie, this rescue, on the other hand, can cause all kinds of trouble...but none with plans to hurt any person.  While she'd LOVE to get in arms length to "harm" a rabbit or cat, she truly has no intentions of hurting a human!
I don't know if any of you have added the "Zemanta" assistant to your blog (referenced on the Dashboard)...but do any of you know how to "un-add" it??? It's driving me slowing my post down and not truly adding anything useful to it!  OMG!  (This post has taken me FOREVER to create ... with Zemanta's "assistance!")  I type a few words, and then wait several seconds for them to appear, and God forbid if I need to correct anything I've typed, lol.  (NOTE: Zemantia saw this post and emailed me last nite to instruct me on how to uninstall it.)

Happy day and creating to each of you!


  1. Ouch, that hurts--I hope it's getting better now ( actually it's kind of funny--you know what I mean) And I've never heard of Zemanta--what exactly is it?
    Plus, I use the packing tape transfer, but only on magazine images. It won't work on inkjet--I wish it did. I love the results of it.

  2. Diane, I assume the problem with using inkjet images results when it is applied to a substrate, correct? I'll have to try a magazine image; thanks for the great tip!

    Zemanta is something new on blogger that is supposed to be helpful; don't bother to try it, at least not currently. Perhaps they will get the bugs worked out and it may be useful later.

  3. Hmm... I never heard of Zemanta..
    Awww...the picture of your black-eye... and Boomer..and Gracie.. and your story...!
    Such a warm post and nice result on packing tape transfer ! I have inkjet printer so I guess it won't work on mine :0)))))

  4. Ouch Jeanne, that looks like it really must have hurt! I love your photo transfers, they came out really pretty!! Your dogs are SO cute! Oh and about Zemanta, I have never heard of that either...sorry! I hope you have a good day(O:
    P.S. That pot roast looks divine!!