Monday, August 16, 2010

Everyone Has A Song To Sing...

We all have a song to sing ... some silently, some vibrantly, some meekly, some boldly.  Grace sings her song quietly here, as the birdie sits perched on her shoulder, singing its own song, within her ear.  Perhaps Grace is echoing the birdie's song, ... or perhaps Grace is singing her own song to any trumpet that will listen.  I think Grace is singing a song that goes, "listen to your own soul, and move forth thereafter."  However, I will let Grace speak to you for herself here, and perhaps she will say something otherwise to you, ;).

I am in the process of attempting to find my own artistic "style," and am therefore ToTaLy enjoying Mystele's Teaching Process.  She is so freeing, much like Suzi Blu, but in a Totally Different Aspect!  Mystele's leadership is giving me an independent voice, and freeing my spirit to fly wherever it may go ... within my art, and, in life in general.  I SO needed Mystele's inspirational spirit, and her "free style" of finding "my story" within my own art.  For without an inside voice and spirit, what does our art say to others?  For me, I hope my art says, "enjoy each precious moment of life, for tomorrow is not promised, and, if it comes, we cannot have expectations within it, outside of our own means, and that of our Creator's means.  Make the most of today, and Trust your Creator," whomever your Creator may be!

As for life, in general, I had a really great time with other artsy souls this past Friday evening, :), and I am moving along with my commission piece, hoping it will produce its expectancy, (and realizing its future potential, for others, if not), enjoying the close contact I have with with my nieces at the moment (and eating it up, realizing it may not last, with pending outside commitments), and truly enjoying every breath of life at the moment ~~ what a blessing today is!  If only each day could be this good ~~ that is what I am feeling today.  Yeah, not everything is perfect, but it feels so right, nonetheless.  The only thing that doesn't feel "right," is that I'm wanting to contact my father .... without expectancies, and feel that isn't possible ... although I feel I'm on the brink of "breaking away," and attempting it nonetheless.  (Ah, the life of a broken family ~~ too many of us today, unfortunately.)

Hope each of you are having a good day, and if not, I hope you can find the beauty within the imperfections, as well.  We were not made to be unhappy!  Be Happy!  Life is waiting for you to experience it, ... along with Grace! Happy Day, and happy creating great art, and a great life, to each of you!!! xoxo ~~ Jeanne


  1. Grace looks good...the bird is my favorite part, she looks like she still needs something herself but im not sure what..maybe its just me...this picture does not do her justice at all, that background you did is awesome! did i mention i love the bird haha
    <3 u

  2. Yea, Mist, I thought the birdie needed something else and listened when DH said, "it looks great to me; more would be too much." i.e., sometimes we should listen to our inner voices before asking questions of others, lol.

  3. Love your painting and what I love about art is that it will tell you when it needs more or sometimes less--you just listen. And you're so right about how different Suzi and Mystele teach---but yet the same!

  4. You have such a huge heart Jeanne and it shows inside and out. Follow whats deep inside with your Dad. That's got to be tough, I'll be thinking of you with all the emotion that goes along with your situation.
    Your painting is really awesome, I absolutely love the reds and blues together & the birds tail is wonderful!!

  5. I love it when the heart comes through and yours surely did in this post....I appreciate so much how you have taken your circumstances and inspired and encouraged us. I will ponder your words as what you have said is very important to the creative soul....

    I really like Grace...I see a gal finding her way and feeling good about the process.....and the bird is wonderful....

    Hugs and blessings