Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time Marches On...

Do you ever ask yourself, "where did the time go?"  I'm asking myself this question today, wondering how some folks get so much done in such a short period of time, and others (like me) have good intentions but get easily distracted from their goals.  I suppose, for me, the answer to that pondering is all about priorities, something I am admittedly not good with.  I used to be a very focused person, but find myself easily distracted today, beginning one thing, then something distracts me (a phone call, a client coming in at work when I'm working on something specific, a doggie or DH wanting attention, for example), and afterward, I forget what I was doing, and begin something else.  Perhaps this is a good thing; it shows me that I will take time to focus on the present ... sometimes ~~ the doggie or DH wanting attention, the client needing assistance, the friend or family calling in hopes of having a listening ear ~~ and am not as selfish with my time today ... perhaps.  Or that's my story, and I'm sticking to it .. with a commitment to begin a "to-do list" so I can get back on track with my goals, when time allows!

Enough about my disorganization, and commitment to organize my priorities.  Right now, my priority is to blog about my most recent "accomplishments!"

The above photo is the beginning (and current state) of my second piece using Mystele's Storytelling method of producing a piece of art.  I am in love with Mystele's process of "gut art," and also am so drawn to yellow ochre, what I call teal-ish (blue/green), and red!  However, here I used a more 'true' yellow, and a more 'true' light blue and 'fire engine red.' At CHA, I saw Dyan Reaveley demo a technique of using only horizontal and vertical "swipes" of color to form a background, and I chose to use her technique on this background.  What a graphic, almost graffiti look this gave!  My thought here was to create a "fall-ish" piece," but I'm flexible and will go with this, and the graffiti feel it was taking on inspired the white ink splotches.  What I found most interesting was that I created this piece in the "landscape" position, and saw absolutely nothing in the piece to pull out of it, hoping for a tree, or leaves, or something 'fallish" ... until I turned it to the "portrait" position, and voila!  Do you see a face here???  I definitely see a chin, and a slanted eye!  We'll see where this takes me, as it progresses!  It's being placed near the top of my "to-do list!"

Then, keeping with "priorities," I worked on the piece I've been working on for the dear parents expecting their first baby whom is due to arrive any day.  As mentioned in my last post, I lost myself in the original sketch, so I ran with a new idea.  I learned that the textiles being used in the nursery have a "nautical" theme, with sea turtles, fish, etc., in blues, greens and a touch a yellow.  SO, immediately I thought "why not do a beach scene instead?"

And this is where I am now with the piece.  (I've edited the image to obscure the baby's name, for the sake of privacy concerns.)  The "footprints" were created using the side of my fist, simply to provide an idea of how the finished piece will appear ... once the little fella arrives and can provide his own footprints.  The scripture was chosen by the parents, and I love it.  I'm not totally pleased with this piece yet, feeling that it still needs something ... perhaps a few more 'blank' clouds in the sky, more highlights on the sand, and/or ... I'm not sure, yet.  But I'm liking this much better than the original sketch ... and hope the parents will also.  Mom gets to see it today, and I would love to have it completed, so she can perhaps have the "real" piece to apply her little fella's footprints printed onto before leaving the hospital, if she chooses to do so, ... instead of being applied to a separate piece of paper to be incorporated here, at a later date.  So this is my "priority" today!

Lastly, I posted about my day of artsy-ness with my two nieces from our day together approximately two weeks ago, but didn't take any photos of our time together, and the art they created that day.  My niece has provided me with a photo of the masterpiece my nine-year-old great-niece created that day, and I can share it with you now!
Here she is!  Isn't she cute?  Taylor loves "embellishments" as much as I do, and is not shy about using them; she added the polka-dotted ribbon to the shirt, belt and choker, crystals to the belt, flowers to the background, and dictionary clipping to the background ... all at her own choosing.  I love to hear her say, "Aunt Lulu, can I use some of 'this' on my piece?"  I also LOVE her free style of creativity, and the fact that she made "herself" the sunshine, for she is my sunshine, too!  I hope she will keep this piece of art for a lifetime, and share it with her own child(ren) one day.  They grow up so fast, so I'm sure it won't be long before that day comes .... as time marches on so quickly!

Speaking of time, I suppose I need to get busy now, and work on completing my piece for the proud parents, as I will meet with Mom at 4 o'clock today ... six hours to go!

Wishing each of you more time than you could ever imagine, to do all that you wish to do, on this day and always.  Until we meet again, may all your wishes come true, may you have good health, and may you feel the light that surrounds you in each and every moment!  Each of you provide me with so much 'light,' inspiration and happiness, each and every time I hear from you ~~ thank you for being a part of my world!  Happy Day and Happy Creating to each of you ~~ Jeanne

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  1. This is SOOO perfect for a nursery--perfect! And the verse--excellent--they'll be so happy. And I love the background technique that you did. Sometimes it's justas fun (or more fun) to do the backgrounds, because you can keep playing!