Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Hairy Play Date

Tuesday nite, and all of yesterday, I have the blissful pleasure of enjoying another Play Date with my Great Niece ... and, unexpectedly, my Niece also, for most of yesterday!  Tay (my Great Niece's nickname) first wanted to do some packing tape transfers, after seeing some in my journal.  Tay brought her art journal with her, and I was THRILLED to see that it is almost completed ~~ an entire moleskine filled with such beautiful art.  Of course, my heart smiled largely when I said, "you're just about ready for a second journal, girlie," and she quickly responded, "I already have another one!"  My kinda girl ~~ having her next project ready and waiting!

I couldn't love this little lady more; she is such a sweetie, and she enjoys artsy things as much ... or more than ... I do.  She is so much fun to play with!  Yesterday was sooo hot and humid, so we decided to set up shop in my kitchen, rather than wait for the a/c to cool off "The Hut," aka my 12x12 "Studio" in our back yard.  No matter were we play, we have fun together.

We had to tame ourselves with our morning play, because I had a very important appointment at noon.

This was how I arrived at the noon appointment.  Well, not exactly; I had all this mess of hair put up, but I had to 'free' it, and let it down, for this appointment.  Tay took this picture, so I could remember the "before," ;).

And this is how I arrived home after two haircuts from a very patient hair stylist.  Isn't it amazing how a good haircut can give us an entirely new attitude?  Tay said something like, "you don't look like my Aunt now.  You look like my Pretty Aunt."  And my niece, Mist, (Tay's Mom) is so much more "hair knowledgeable" than myself, so she gave me a tiny flat iron (so I don't have to attempt to work with this short style using my old 2"-wide flat iron, lol), and a jar of some type of hair product to use so I can attempt to get this look when I style it myself!  They are such great nieces, to sit patiently while this transformation occurred, and to be so supportive of it!

So, then we returned to playing with artsy stuff for a couple of hours, before enjoying dinner together.  I was so excited, and happy to be enjoying a play date with them, that I forgot to take any pictures of them, and the beautiful pieces they created, :(.  I will do my best to get pics of their works of art, so I can share them with you later.  Tay painted a really cute girl with a beautiful butterfly on the girl's shirt ... and embellished the piece with ribbons and crystals!  Mist began painting a piece to use as her new blog header!  This is what I worked on ~~ My Story piece with Mystele!
She's still a WIP, but she's taking on some "attitude" now, and I like the way she's coming along.  I love the text in the background, but will wash it with some color to incorporate it, darken her lips, highlight her cleavage, and add something to her choker ~~ can't decide whether to give her some jeweled, dangly pieces falling down from her choker, ... or a flower coming off it's side, hmmm.  Tay says, "do both!"  To have the vision of a child again with no inhibitions, ahh!

So now back to reality, and the working world I go, with a new attitude, and a new "me," filled with love and inspiration for a new day!  Wishing each of you a joyful day, filled with love, creativity, blissfulness, ... and nice weather! xoxo


  1. This is just the cutest post...I so enjoyed reading it and I could just feel the fun you guys were having...and your new do is great....very youthful and energeric....

    Have a fun day

  2. we had a blast to girlie! Taylor realized last night she only has 12! pages left and got very upset what she would do when she ran out of pages...i assured her that she still had room to do stuff on some of the other pages and once she finished those 12 pages Mommy would get her another one!;) ill send you some pictures, might be a few days though..i was sooo tired last night and i think i concentrated to hard on mine lol (had a crick in my neck) you want now of mine or finished?(or both)
    <3 U

  3. Girl, you look HOT! what fun to have a new look! You know I'm gonna want to spike your hair up like mine LOLOL!

  4. I want a niece I can do "artsy" stuff with too! But, hence she's 4 hrs away!

    Love your new 'do, Jeanne!! Fantastic! I am so clueless about hair and am always thrilled if I can find a new product that will work will not too much fuss!

    Your bird is adorable, I absolutely love his swirly tail :D

  5. Well check YOU out....YOU look fabulous darling!!! It sounds like you had lot's of fun!! I really like the way your piece is coming along!! She looks as though she'd be walking with a strut, LOVE IT!!!!!

  6. I LOVED this post!! And look at your makeover--I'm loving it and jealous of that thick wavy hair. Mine is baby fine limp hair!
    I have my new laptop finally (they sent us a new one) so now I can take it with me up to my art room and I can finally check out Mystele's videos. I wouldn't even attempt it on our home computer that we have. I love your pulled art--isn't it fun?!

  7. Oh my gosh! You cut it all off! Good for you. It looks great!!!!!

  8. Enjoying your new carefree hair that does up quickly, I hope your enjoying it. Your long hair looked good also and then you had choices of how to do it. Such a pretty photo of you relaxing.

    I like how your found face turned out, she still has all the elements of a fun piece of art. Are you moved to do another? I don't know if I am at any given moment, I think of it and the fun and then don't.

  9. Hey your hair looks absolutely fab!!