Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More Rambling on CHA and Art Journaling

Continuing to unpack all the artsy stuff, catalogs, and books received at CHA, I came across this "flower" made at Spellbinder's Make-and-Take that I wanted to share with you.  It began as three floral die cuts (rather large, probably 5-6" for the green layer, 4" for the blue layer, and perhaps 2.5" for the brown layer).  The floral dyes were cut from music sheets and/or text pages, laid flat and spritz with Smooch's(?) new spritzers (much like Glimmer Mist, and admittedly this new product had a problem with the sprayers clogging, that hopefully they will resolve soon).  After spritzing each layer, we scrunged them up individually into nice balls and rolled each ball in our hands as tightly as possible.  Then we unrolled the balls as much or as little as we desired, layered them on top of each other, put a brad through the middle and viola!  A great idea for adding dimension and texture to a collage piece, or even a card!

Before I forget, Ranger has introduced a new misting product also (as have several other companies).  It is called Perfect Pearls Mists.  It is also similar to Tattered Angel's Glimmer Mist (that I LOVE!), however Ranger's new product has a translucent base, so it only adds colored shimmer, instead of coloring the entire surface...if that makes sense.  This product is basically the same thing we could previously make ourselves using Ranger's Perfect Pearls Powders mixed with water in a mini-mister...only now it's premixed, in a large mister and has TONS of Perfect Pearls in the mix.

Moving along, within some notes that I made during the show, I am reminded of a conversation I had with Suze Weinberg regarding my inquiry as to how to maintain a "shiny/polished" finish when using beeswax in collaging.  I had previously discovered that I could "polish" a finished piece of beeswax collaging with a pantyhose/stocking, or even a paper towel, and it would "shine"...for a while, and then need polishing again very soon to maintain the shine.  Suze was kind enough to share with me that if I were to use an "Encaustic Medium," available from Fanne Fernow of Clairvoyant Encaustics, my collaging would maintain a shine!  This medium has a resin mixed with the beeswax, and thus provides a shinier texture.  If you should care to order any, please mention that you heard about the product by way of Suze Weinberg's suggestion.

My notes also reminded me of a brilliant art journaler from the UK, Dyan Reaveley, whom was demo'ing at the Ranger booth.  OMGoodness, her journaling was TO-DIE-FOR ~~ so many interesting techniques and layers within her beautiful journals!  I wish I could have spent hours with her.  Not to mention her accent was fabulous, as was her fiesty attitude, and can be "heard" within her blogging, ;).  If you have an interest in journaling, and/or interesting techniques that can be used with mixed media art, please check out her blog.  She did some wonderful lettering that caught my eye, below:
I mentioned Lisa Pavelka in my earlier post, but sadly, I was so amazed by her work and demo that I didn't take any pictures.  Here, I have borrowed a few of the pictures on her blog.  Her work was stunning.  She has some very unique polymer clay products, even some Steampunk forms/molds that are new, and several books that she has published.  I had never before taken an interest in polymer clay, but she has inspired me to try it one day soon . . . and she was kind enough to send me home with a block of her clay simply for participating in her demo.  Here are a few of the stunning multi-media pieces seen on her blog (a business card holder, and two necklaces ~~ some using real  METAL CLAY!):
Also a big thing at the show, and very intriguing to me, was Zentangles, something most of us have heard of, or tried.  However, I had never tried "zentangling" before...but was "in" when told that if I brought an attempted zentangle to the booth the following day, they would give me one of the books, ;) ~~ that's all it took for me!  Here is a picture of the book company's booth whom was exhibiting for Zentangle at CHA:
So, this sent me off to continue a journal page that I began on the road trip to the show, to try some "zentangling" with the ideas held in my new Zentangle book during the ride home!  I had begun a "cutting edge" journal page, with my first attempt at "Graffiti Lettering," (ha!), and added some "tangles" to it.  I'm hooked!
Below, you can see the "cut edge" and the back side.
The lettering on this last page isn't complete, as I am experiencing much frustration in finding pens that will write on top of the Water Soluble Oil Pastels that I've grown to adore using in my backgrounds...so I began to outline the letters with a white gel pen and then watercolor within the outlines.  When complete, it will say "Today, feel the wind blowing thru your hair and experience the pleasure of the moment...ahh!"  So, if you perhaps have a tip for a certain type of pen that works over water soluble oil pastels...please do share, ;)!

My last rambling for today (perhaps!) is to share with you some lovely stamps discovered at the show by Loralie Designs.  This company began to have so much interest in their girl stamps that they have expanded into serving quilters' needs, as well.  I find lots of inspiration for drawing various sassy girls, hats, hair, clothing, and accessories within their designs, and the stamps themselves provide an easy way to be creative if we are experiencing a creative block, and/or are unable to draw our own girls.  Their stamps are a large 4"x6" size, and can be stamped and then enlarged on a copier should a larger size be desired.  Below are a few photos of some of the samples seen in their booth (some quilt squares, and some stamped and colored images):
Oh, before I cease with this rambling, I just recalled another great product by Elizabeth Craft Designs!  They had the most beautiful "microfine" glitter that shimmers even further when burnished by simply rubbing it with your finger tips after it's applied ~~ and it doesn't come off when burnished/rubbed!  They had tons of "sticky back designs," that were cut outs with a peelable surface that uncovered a nice glued/sticky surface to sprinkle their glitter onto.  However, I feel certain you could apply their microfine glitter to anything you desire and get the same effect.  Loved this stuff . . . but then again, I love anything glitzy or blingy!

But I can't stop without sharing these paper Christmas ornaments.  So easy to make, and they would make lovely package adornments!  They are hung from the back with a thin fishing line, attached under a small paper circle.  (And I'm so sorry that I do not recall what booth these were seen in.)

I PROMISE, this is IT! [laughing at myself, and hoping you haven't lost patience with me]  These were my "finds" along the Highway 127 Yardsale that we attended (a week early ~~ and yes, there were already several vendors set up along the way, through Ohio and Kentucky, mainly!).  I had wanted an old scale for ages, and I finally got one!  It needs a bit of cleaning up, and it will be perfect!  On its rusty tray are a few old dog tags, an old key, and an old St. Christopher that I hope to incorporate into a vintage-y necklace one day soon!
Okay, off with my head...for today, ;)!  That's a rap ~~ I'm off to create and/or do that much needed vacuuming before heading out for the day.  Hoping you found a bit of inspiration here today, and looking forward to sharing in your posts, as well!  Happy Day to All!


  1. Hi, Jeanne ! Looks like you have loads of FUN =)
    Glad you're back and those arts you're sharing are so fresh, I love them ! Hope you have a great day and thanks for heartful comment on my post :D

  2. Oh, all such fun!! I watched on you tube on the ranger channel bits and pieces from CHA--they showed before and during the show--it looked like sooooo much fun, and they also showed the Pearl Mist.
    And Lisa Pavelka!! I love her--I remember her from watching Carol Duvall--she was on all the time. I wish I could have gone, but getting excited for the next few days after seeing your flea market finds!

  3. cant wait to come see all your finds in person and what you made there...it would have driven me crazy everything looks so cool i would have wanted one of each lol
    <3 U!

  4. Jeanne, This is all such crazy & awesome information. I am going to have to reread this post in the morning and look up some of these links. I'm so glad you had such a full and inspirational week! I can't tell you how awesome it is to get all the details on what you found! Thanks for a great post!!

  5. Okay, so I just went back and explored some of these people you discovered and I am seriously in awe and bursting with excitement! Those stamps toward the end of this post are simply incredible. I am totally going to try to do some but highly doubt they will be anything quite so amazing. I am filled with so many ideas from this post, thank you so much for all this wonderful inspiration you have given me!! I just knew that when I was reading this last night that I would have to revisit you again this morning a take my time in checking all the different things out. Totally awesome my friend!!xoxox

  6. Lovely Creations!

  7. Hi Jeanne, you don't know me...I saw your comment on JournalArtista's blog and thought she wouldn't mind me being nosey!
    On this post between the 2nd and 3rd picture you'll see her ustream link in hot pink...
    Hope that helps. Happy happies.

  8. sounds like you had quite the wonderful time at CHA...good for you !!