Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"In The Wild," Creating My Story, and GREAT GIVEAWAY

First, I have to share that I've FINALLY signed onto Mystele's Site, and joined the Story Telling Basics No. 1 workshop (after seeing it posted on Lorrie's Blog last week) ... and I'm having the time of my life with it . . . slowly (as my work schedule is complicated currently, and thus 'play time' is a bit limited and instead being filled with catching up on daily stuff, after my recent trip).  However, as much as I want to work on My Story piece with Mystele's wonderful guidance, my card stock was getting a bit low at the shop, so I determined it was prudent that I get some cards cranked out first.  I had this Animal Print paper pack, a gift received at Creative Escape last year, and I love me some animal print.  So I decided to incorporate it into cards.  Not the best cards I've made, but something totally different that hopefully with attract ... someone!  So, I've stepped into the "Wild Side" on this collection . . . and attempted some hand-printing, versus stamping, on these babies.  We'll see how they go!

Moving onto my "Mystele Guided" piece, this image is the mid-point of my first piece inspired by Mystele's "My Story/Gut Art" style.  I'm almost embarrassed to share this, as there is still SO much left to do.  However, I was TOTALLY AMAZED with finding this figure within my messy background . . . after a day or two of flipping the piece "this way and then that way!"  Finally, it was like "wow, there IS something in this ugly background!!!"  I want to thin her lips, tone down the background, "resize" her hat, give features to the Birdie on her shoulder ... and give her some eyes, lol, but this has been such a fun project to work with ... and I can't wait to get back to her!  Lorrie, and so many others here in blogland, have been inspiring me to learn from Mystele, and I've FINALLY taken the plunge, and cannot wait to work with this project more.

However, before working on the above "My Story" piece, I have been commissioned to do a piece for the kindest pharmacist whom monitors my INR (coumadin/blood thinning level), a pharmacist in the local Cancer Center, whom tenderly puts up with my being "one of the most uncompliant patients of today."  Mrs. Pharmacist is having her first baby, and saw me working on Big Girl's Journal during my last visit, and has commissioned me to do a 12x12 piece of art for her first-born's nursery.  (How exciting!  Can you see my "perma grin???")  Her baby is due in early September, and I'm so excited to be asked to do this piece, so I feel the need to get busy on it.  Photos will follow soon, ... I hope!

Lastly, I want to share with you a GREAT GIVEAWAY opportunity I found on Nancy Lefko's Blog, that many of you may have already seen ~~ but if not, PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT!  A great site of Michelle of Allen Designs with beautiful "whimsical" art pieces.  Simply follow the link to Michelle's site and have the grand opportunity for an awesome item or items from her site!  I'd LOVE to see some of her work within the shop where I work .... and in my home, ;).

Now, I'm off to work where new items are arriving daily, while we are preparing for the 10th Reunion of the local High School that will take place this coming Saturday evening.  So much work to do, with so little time.  But, most importantly, from a 'retail employee's perspective' related to the local/regional/international economy ~~ for the FIRST time in several years, this past Saturday it felt like 'old times' were returning within the shop ~~ we had people in browsing with no intensive purpose, or nothing particular in mind to purchase (i.e., WINDOW SHOPPING AGAIN) and several folks purchasing "just because they liked it!"  I will say that many of the 'purchases' were made using our layaway plan, though I felt "at least they are making concrete plans to take this home [within our six-month policy]!"  From a retail employee's perspective, this was a LARGE step forward, as we've not seen this type of 'shopping' occur in SEVERAL months!  So, hopefully, this will quickly translate into people buying "unnecessary items" ~~ such as ART ~~ again REAL SOON!!!  Let's hope other artists and shops are seeing similar occurrences ... and that we will all experience a boom, if only a mini boom, REAL SOON!

However, before I rush off, I have to add a thought: I can recall, as a child with grandparents that grew up during the Great Depression, I vividly remember thinking "my Grandparents are SO dang 'thrifty' and why so???"  For example, my grandmother would continue to wear a bra that was 20+ years old .... and only throw one away if the elastic was TOTALLY gone, lol.  She didn't buy ANYTHING that wasn't totally necessary, ... unless it was for someone else, :0.  NOW I understand that generation's 'thriftiness' and can see 'our generation' obtaining similar values that we MAY never overcome ... after suffering through the most recent hard times economically.  We now are becoming 'thrifty' also ... but hopefully, EVENTUALLY, our generation's thriftiness will translate into a simple appreciation for the 'upcycled' items, and less about hanging onto the purse strings in general!)

Wishing each of you a beautiful week, filled with much love, blissfullness, and mega creativity! xoxo ~~ Jeanne


  1. OMG! Girlie i loveeee that painting even if you dont do another thing to it!

    Tay says she cant wait to come over later :-D (me either)

    <3 u

  2. This is awesome Jeanne, I can't wait to see the progression! It looks good now so I can't imagine. Also I love the wild side cards you made, they will fly off the shelf!

  3. Jeanne, this is so beautiful and I can just imagine it all coming together. It is beautiful the way it is! I am intrigued by this Mystele???
    Hugs and God bless to you.

  4. First of all, congratulations on your commissioned piece, and I'm so glad that it's looking like the good old days at your work place. I hope this is a good sign of things to come for everyone.
    And Mystele--I am a Mystelite (I'm addicted :)
    She was my first online teacher, and she taught me much more than art--I can tell you that. And your pulled art is AWESOME--I love it now!!

  5. Really, really liking it Jeanne! Thanks for sharing and the heads up on the giveaway!

  6. I love that lady with hat, Jeanne ! Can't wait to see how you finish it and congrats on getting commissioned !! How exciting !!

  7. I like the abstraction of your painting, yet it is very clear a woman in a hat, so painterly and pleasing, the hit and miss application of the paint is so attractive and nice. I did a complimentary breath intake as I saw it for the first time. Then of all silly things I heard the song "My Sweet Adeline"

    Great cards also and yes people do love animal print.

  8. Congrats on the commission! :) The cards look beautiful and that gut art piece is amazing. I tried it a couple of time but it just didn't turn out well. :)